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Dental Implants | Hawaii Family Dental

If you need to replace a missing tooth, you may consider a dental implant. An artificial tooth, bridge, or denture installed with implants often feel more natural to the bite, giving patients a heightened level of comfort. Unlike other procedures, implants help reduce the bone loss that occurs with the loss of a tooth and does not require further alteration to the neighboring teeth.

Those considering a dental implant, should be in good health, have healthy gum tissue, and have enough jawbone to complete the procedure.  The treatment happens in three stages. First, the implant is installed either into the jawbone or on top of the jaw. Next, your dentist may ask you to rest for a few months to allow the jawbone to heal around the implant. Finally, once the implant is fully set, you will receive the customized tooth, bridge, or denture. The artificial tooth will fit the shape and color of your teeth, restoring your smile.

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