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Dr. Alan Mitsunaga

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Dr. Alan Mitsunaga

Dental Education

Creighton University School of Dentistry

What would you like patients to know about you?

Hawaii Family Dental was developed to bring together a family of patients and their dentists. Quality of care has always been the Hawaii Family Dental’s primary goal.


  • 1985 – 1986 Diversified Dental Services, Aloha Family Dental Center, Kona Dental Group
  • 1986 Hawaii Family Dental
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Our First Commercial!

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Why Choose

Dr. Mitsunaga

  • Honolulu Magazine’s “Best Dentist” awardee from 2015 to 2018
  • Practicing with Hawaii Family Dental since 1986
  • One of the most referred dentists in Honolulu

Patient Testimonials

Susan P. Avatar
Susan P.
11/25/2021 - Google

Dr. Mitsunaga was a life saver. I was in Honolulu on vacation and one of my teeth broke. I called Hawaii Family Dental and the got me in the next day where I met Dr.Mitsunaga. He was super nice, explained all of my options, and repaired my tooth painlessly. I wish I could fly there twice a year for my regular dentist appointments. Thank you!

Robert C. Avatar
Robert C.
11/18/2021 - Google

Dr. Mitsunaga and Hygienist Laura are the best!

william c. Avatar
william c.
8/19/2021 - Google

Shannice, Claire and Dr. Mitsunaga are the best! Kind and professional. Thank you.

Cecil D. Avatar
Cecil D.
5/20/2021 - Google

My appointment was with DDS Alan Mitsunaga. He led me back to his treatment room, and introduced himself as "Alan Mitsunaga" which impressed me right away. Most physicians/dentists introduce themselves as "doctor".I, of course, know they're a doctor and that's why I'm there to see them; nevertheless they like to remind me so I don't get them confused with the janitor. The point being that DDS Matsunaga is a real gentleman and feels no need to remind his patients of his professional position. His exam, though brief, was gentle which I really appreciated. He gave me a lot of information in an effort to direct me to the best possible treatment for my teeth, most of which was outside his area of expertise. I would recommend DDS Alan Matsunaga in large part due to his demeanor. When a person in the medical profession is as kind and thoughtful as he is you know you're going to be in good hands. Thank you Dr. Matsunaga for your time with me.

mari z. Avatar
mari z.
1/16/2021 - Google

Hawaii Family Dental is such an improvement on my previous providers. I feel very comfortable with the hygienists, my kind dentist, Dr. Mitsunaga, my Invisalign Orthodontist, Dr. Stevens, and wonderful staff. I have regular care and now have insurance, but Hawaii Family Dental helped me afford dental care earlier on with their own plan. Dr. M. is concerned about my general health and lets me know of any issues he suspects, even warning me that my future retainers may not fit if I get a new crown on a tooth. HDS is a great help too, so I have no worries about my dental health.

Robert M. Avatar
Robert M.
10/12/2020 - Google

Dr. Mitsunaga did a great job on my teeth as he completed it in quickly and displayed a terrific finished product, my teeth, which looked new. I also want to thank the Doctor for the portable water jug. Yuko was very friendly and knew most of my dental questions. Time flew so fast!

Rosebeth S. Avatar
Rosebeth S.
8/14/2020 - Google

This place is amazing for real 💯 Everyone is friendly and pleasant. Dr. Mitsunaga is the best man, he’s so calm and gentle everytime. Yuko the hygienist I love her, she’s amazing. Mahalo ♥️

Charlene L. Avatar
Charlene L.
10/14/2018 - Google

I managed to chip a tooth and thought for sure it was going to require a crown. Dr. Mitsunaga went over all my options. I ended up getting a filling instead since there was still a lot of tooth remaining. I like that about Dr. Mitsunaga - he lays out all of your options, then works quickly to carry out what you select.

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