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Dr. Brian Matsumoto

Dr. Brian Matsumoto

Dr. Brian Matsumoto


Dr. Brian Matsumoto

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Inspired by his childhood dentist, Dr. Brian Matsumoto is dedicated to providing kind, compassionate, and life-changing care. “A patient came to me in tears after not seeing a dentist for 15 years. She was afraid and embarrassed by her smile. After a few visits, she was happy, smiling ear to ear as she left; I want to help patients improve their smiles, and in turn, improve the quality of their lives.”

Making a positive difference through healthy and beautiful smiles is incredibly rewarding, says Dr. Matsumoto. He looks forward to serving Maui’s communities with excellent patient care.

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Our First Commercial!

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Dr. Matsumoto

  • Referred by over 184 patients
  • Specializes in comfort conscious care and patient education
  • Accepting new patients

Patient Testimonials

Prentise Avatar
I am delighted with the atmosphere and treatment at this dental center. Everyone I have interacted with has been kind, friendly, respectful, cheerful, and professional. Edwin is one wonderful hygienist, who is gentle, careful, and thorough, along with all of the above... he practically sings when he is saying "open" and "close."

Compared to my childhood and even young adult dental experiences, both the equipment (tinier needles, quieter and smaller drills, water-cooled cleaning tool, etc.) and the practitioners (more skilled, kinder, gentler, more understanding, willing to answer all questions and explain what is going on at each step of treatments, etc.) are far superior.

I actually feel joy at this dental center, and am very pleased with the results of my treatments. When they answer the phone with "Its a great day at Hawaii Dental Center," they mean it, and it is true.

My experience here is almost painless, and sometimes actually pain-free. Dr. Matsumoto is gentle and skilled, patient and kind.
jill o. Avatar
jill o.
Dr. Brian Matsumoto and his assistant are kind and patient while giving excellent care and dental treatment. I am perfectly impressed and grateful. Blessings Be! And Edwin is perfectly wonderful as my dental hygienist.
jill o. Avatar
jill o.
Dr. Brian Matsumoto and his assistant are kind and patient while giving excellent care and dental treatment. I am perfectly impressed and grateful. Blessings Be!
Laurie Y. Avatar
Laurie Y.
Saw Dr Brian Matsumoto today. I've seen so many different dentist in the last 2 years. And by far he is the best. I didn't feel rushed. He sat and listened. He examined my mouth thoroughly. Took time to explain. His defiantly my go to Dentist. I highly recommend him. Staff was awesome. Polite and welcoming. Highly recommended 👌
Ed C. Avatar
Ed C.
Hygienists do a thorough cleaning. Dr. Brian Matsumoto has professionally completed my filling repairs and new fillings when needed. I have particularly appreciated his prompt attention to my concerns and questions.
Sandra E. Avatar
Sandra E.
Everybody in the office from admitting to technicians to doctors and other assisting staff was very friendly and professional. The staff was punctual, never waited more than a few minutes from the time of the appointment to be called in. Great job, we highly recommend this practice to anybody with dental needs. Mahalo to staff, special Mahalo to Dr. Brian Matsumoto.
Niccolo B. Avatar
Niccolo B.
Dr. Brian Matsumoto was great! Best cavity filling experience I’ve ever had
Ruth D. Avatar
Ruth D.
So far so good. A very pleasant young lady checked me in. It was my first time at the clinic, and I was very nervous, because my teeth are in a deplorable condition. No one shamed me or pressured me. Dr. Matsumoto designed a plan for me, and I felt comfortable with him. Nancy's cleanings were very thorough, and I was so relieved that she gave me the option to have an injection for the deep cleaning phase. I'm looking forward to gradually addressing my dental issues at this clinic.My second visit yesterday went great. Dr. Matsumoto is very kind, and he explains what's happening. His humble, yet confident manner puts me at ease. The hygienist was very sweet. All the Staff whom I interacted with was friendly and professional. I'm clear on what dental Care is needed, and it has to be done in increments because of my senior budget, yet no one over-pressures me. I'm very pleased with the fillings that were done yesterday, and I'm looking forward to future care at the Clinic.

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