dentist dr. antolin appalla jr

Dr. Antolin G. Apalla, Jr.

dentist antolin appalla jr


Dr. Antolin G. Apalla, Jr.

Dr. Antolin G. Apalla, Jr. is one of Kauai’s most sought after dentists, which is reflective of his exceptional patient care and clinical excellence. He enjoys volunteering in the community, working with the Kauai Filipino Chamber of Commerce, Kauai Philippine Cycling Club, and joining numerous community fundraising events.

When he’s not in the office, he enjoys spending time with his three adult children, gardening, golfing, and cycling.

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Our First Commercial!

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Dr. Antolin G. Apalla, Jr.

  • One of Kauai’s most sought after dentists
  • Practicing dentistry on Kauai since 1995
  • Accepting new patients

Patient Testimonials

Amber N. Avatar
Amber N.
Dr. Apalla and his assistant were so gentle, careful, and kind, and my teeth look beautiful. Best dental experience I've ever had. Definitely recommend. Mahalo, HFD!
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CoTo 8. Avatar
CoTo 8.
My daughter has been going to this clinic for 3-4 years and we're highly satisfied with the customer service, staff, and doctors. Especially love her hygienist, Coco!
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Bob L. Avatar
Bob L.
Dr. Johnson was very informative and turned me over to Malia for a deep cleaning. My problem was solved quickly. Very professional and easy to understand. R. Lund Lihue
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Nicole M. Avatar
Nicole M.
5 stars + for the staff and service. This team is incredible. I am SO glad I chose this office. Friendly, lively, timely and caring. I felt they were both efficient AND really took their time to answer all of my questions and provide the best care. It’s a rare experience to have a dentist visit ADD joy to your day. This place does that! P.S. Pro tip - classical music with ear buds while you get your teeth cleaned for maximum relaxation (:
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Kalanikauleleiaiwi W. Avatar
Kalanikauleleiaiwi W.
Dr. Shin’s the best! After getting braces when I was a child through another orthodontist I, of course, stopped using my retainer because 1- I wasn’t paying for it/didn’t understand how expensive it was and 2- I was a forgetful child. Fast forward almost 20 years and I finally had enough of my shifting teeth, taking the plunge on Invisalign with Dr. Shin. The process has taken longer than I thought it would but I appreciate Dr. Shin staying the course, knowing that I would be happiest with the most perfect version of my smile possible and that smile takes time. The assistant make me feel comfortable and it’s like being with old friends catching up whenever I come in.
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odie9640 Avatar
went for my usual 6 month cleaning appointment (actually was a reschedule, so been 10 months since last cleaning). My Hygenist Molly did a great job and was very attentive & careful to the built up areas. Mahalo!
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Mark K. Avatar
Mark K.
Hawaii family dental lihue is a good clinic they have a good workers specially the doctors. But how I wish they have more doctors out there to make the process more easy and faster on all the appointments specially the emergency cases like tooth extraction and Dental implants
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jo s. Avatar
jo s.
The entire staff were all so friendly, kind and helpful. As a new patient with an urgent matter and no insurance, they helped me by offering a decent insurance plan and some stayed late to take care of my problem. I am relieved to find Hawaii Family Dental due to their caring nature. I dread dentistry...they made it easier. Very grateful.
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Jo A. Avatar
Jo A.
The staff was very helpful & friendly..Dr Apalla his nurses Lisa & Frannie was very good…I would recommend friends & family
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Denise M. Avatar
Denise M.
I had a crown that broke in half while on vacation. They were so nice! They got me in the same morning I called. I was only in the office 1 hour and the doctor had put a temporary filling over the exposed tooth to protect it until I can get the crown fixed when I return home. Thanks to the lovely folks at Hawaii Family Dental I was able to enjoy the remainder of my vacation with piece of mind. Mahalo nui loa!
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Summer H. Avatar
Summer H.
I came in for a cleaning. It didn't take long for the dental hygienist to sanitize her area and bring me in to get started. She was very pleasant and I was very relaxed in my seat. The cleaning was quick and thorough. No complaints!
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RJ C. Avatar
Wonderful service and quality of work at HFD. Best staff on the island. Molly did a fantastic job on my deep cleaning and it was the most painless cleaning I have ever had. Mahalo nui loa HFD!
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Trishelle G. Avatar
Trishelle G.
I have brought my children to many different dentists over the years but Dr Yamada at Hawaii Family Dental Kauai is the BEST. He is so patient and very caring. From my older children, all the way down to my 4yo, he reassures them and walks them through everything that's happening. He constantly encourages them and praises them during the entire visit. He is awesome!!!
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Stephen V. Avatar
Stephen V.
Amazing experience with Dental Hygienist Cinnamon and Dr. Apalla. I felt cared for and heard throughout the experience. Highly recommend.
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CherylAnn O. Avatar
CherylAnn O.
I'm sort of anti-dentist to begin with. But that said, seeing a dentist for problems is inevitable. Comparing HFD to my previous dentist on a deep clean -- my prior dentist did not numb the gums prior to the procedure but HFD did. So, it made the process tolerable. The staff is excellent at working with the insurances and everyone is cheerful.
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Caroline C. Avatar
Caroline C.
Wonderful dentist and staff. I feel the quality of care I get there is very professional. The entire staff has been kind and efficient. Would recommend this to anyone.
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Muriel J. Avatar
Muriel J.
I am a very nervous dental patient due to previous treatments at another office on the mainland. Hawaii Family Dental is the best dental practice I’ve been to. From the friendly and professional front desk staff to the dental techs and dentists. I received top notch great care that was pain free with filling a cavity and I have now scheduled a bridge.
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Michael M. Avatar
Michael M.
Fast, efficient, friendly service. I was able to be seen the next day and had an exam and xray. A few days later, my chipped tooth was worked on and fitted with a temp crown by Dr. Apala and his assistant.I am impressed with their capacity for scheduling patients, and after my experience, I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Apala's work. I will be back to have my future work done there.3 weeks later, the permanent crown fitted perfectly. Without dental insurance their Hoala Plan discount really helps; well worth the price. Mahalo Lihue HFD and Dr. Apala!
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Michael M. Avatar
Michael M.
Fast, efficient, friendly service. I was able to be seen the next day and had an exam and xray. A few days later, my chipped tooth was worked on and fitted with a temp crown by Dr. Apala and his assistant.I am impressed with the capacity for scheduling patients, and after my experience, I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Apala's work. I will be back to have my future work done there.
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Anna H. Avatar
Anna H.
Dr. Yamada is a very competent and personable dentist. He didn't need much time this month, thankfully! Our hygienist was also wonderful.
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