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dentist rasheed siddiqui

Dr. Rasheed Siddiqui

dentist rasheed siddiqui


Dr. Rasheed Siddiqui

Dr. Rasheed Siddiqui is a simple guy at heart. For him, dentistry is a mix of all the things he loves, like working with his hands, art, science, and making people happy.

Before working at Hawaii Family Dental, Dr. Siddiqui worked all around the world. His cosmopolitan background gave him the opportunity to serve patients from various walks of life. One of his most memorable patients was a high school principal who had high expectations of everyone, including herself. Her grateful reaction after he and his team successfully completed her cosmetic treatment reminded him why he enjoyed his work.

Dentistry is just one of his many loves, however. In addition to making people smile, Dr. Siddiqui also loves reading, music, and extreme sports. He also finds fulfillment in the seemingly mundane things, like washing dishes. For him, even the smallest things can be done well and add purpose to one’s life.

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Our First Commercial!

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Why Choose

Dr. Rasheed Siddiqui

  • Trusted by over 260 patients
  • Actively volunteers in the community
  • Speaks Spanish

Patient Testimonials

Howard V. Avatar
Howard V.
9/14/2023 - Google
The dental hygienist was on time and did a very thorough cleaning with very little discomfort AND did a GREAT JOB!
Hannah C. Avatar
Hannah C.
9/14/2023 - Google
My experience has been amazing with Hawaii Family Dentistry! In a short amount of time I was able to get in for a consultation appointment and a cleaning. The staff is so friendly and helpful!
cud l. Avatar
cud l.
9/14/2023 - Google
My insurance was running out in 2 weeks, and I'm not a shark, so I said it was time to get 30+ years of tooth decay treated as much as possible. Dr. Chang made a plan to fix whatever my insurance covered before it expired. She accommodated my difficult schedule, even seeing me twice a day to get everything finished in time (crowns, fillings, build ups, extractions, etc.). Though I decided to extend the insurance, she'd have completed everything before it lapsed. If I had a worst enemy, I'd wish what Dr. Chang and Clarice went through on them. My mouth was a horror show. I'm surprised nobody threw up. They must've stared into that abyss for over 24 hours. Did I mention I smoke? I am truly grateful to them and also sorry. They offered me breaks (and you can always ask for one), kept trying to show me their progress, and kept trying to get things just right. It's been a few days and I think I'm used to my new bite. I am very happy with my new mouth. I thank them, even miss them! and recommend them.
S A. Avatar
S A.
9/01/2023 - Google
Convenient location right in Kapolei next to Shops and restaurants. Easy to schedule, friendly staff and they’re always good with following up. Dr Shin and staff are the best!
blessed m. Avatar
blessed m.
9/01/2023 - Google
Hawaii Family Dental Honolulu, I have been going to Hawaii Family Dental Honolulu for over 25 yrs. 1. They are the best! 5 Stars💥💥💥💥💥! 2. Convenient location with validated parking 3. My appointments are always on time. 4. They send out reminders 5. the entire staff is always very professional and friendly 6. Dr. Alan Mitsunaga has been my dentist for about 25 years, Dr. Alan is a great dentist! He's very concerned about my comfort and pain. Dr. Alan is a very Professional dentist and cares. No matter what the issue is , I have been going to Dr. Alan without any concerns or fear of pain. I actually look forward to going the the dentist , but only with Hawaii Family Dental Honolulu 7. Dr. Alan's most recent assistant Leilani is also very concerned about my comfort. 8. Hawaii Family Dental Honolulu has given me excellent referrals to services that they did not provide, that has the same standards of friendly and professional services. 9. They take care my insurance and all the paper work.
Jon B. Avatar
Jon B.
9/01/2023 - Google
Great experience! I highly recommend Hawaii Family Dental. They have been very helpful and patient.
Asami S. Avatar
Asami S.
8/25/2023 - Google
Staffs are always friendly, and doctors are always thorough from answering your questions or concerns. For how many doctors and other specialists they have, it’s amazing that they can maintain calm, positive, and clean environment from waiting room to each cubicle!
Rod Avatar
8/25/2023 - Google
my hygienist shanice always does an awesome job. also want to thank cassie for ordering that orange creamsicle flavor fluoride.

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