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Dr. Rasheed Siddiqui



Dr. Rasheed Siddiqui

Dr. Rasheed Siddiqui is a simple guy at heart. For him, dentistry is a mix of all the things he loves, like working with his hands, art, science, and making people happy.

Before working at Hawaii Family Dental, Dr. Siddiqui worked all around the world. His cosmopolitan background gave him the opportunity to serve patients from various walks of life. One of his most memorable patients was a high school principal who had high expectations of everyone, including herself. Her grateful reaction after he and his team successfully completed her cosmetic treatment reminded him why he enjoyed his work.

Dentistry is just one of his many loves, however. In addition to making people smile, Dr. Siddiqui also loves reading, music, and extreme sports. He also finds fulfillment in the seemingly mundane things, like washing dishes. For him, even the smallest things can be done well and add purpose to one’s life.

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Dr. Rasheed Siddiqui

  • Trusted by over 260 patients
  • Actively volunteers in the community
  • Speaks Spanish

Patient Testimonials

TK R. Avatar
8/11/2020 - Google

Started going to Bright Smiles since their office was 2 doors down from my workplace which made it so convenient for my appts. Staff is so friendly and the atmosphere is friendly.

Michael W. Avatar
Michael W.
8/06/2020 - Google

The only reason that I gave Bright Smiles Honolulu five stars is because I can't give them ten stars. Remarkable, personable staff from the time you walk through the door until the time you leave the office. If you're looking for a wonderfully amazing dental experience, look no further than Bright Smiles Honolulu. You can thank me later.

Joanna V. Avatar
Joanna V.
7/29/2020 - Google

I love it here, everyone is so friendly and very professional, and I feel comfortable at every visit. Great service and great care! I highly recommend!

The C. Avatar
The C.
7/16/2020 - Google

Everyone working there is friendly and professional. They explain everything so no hidden or surprise costs. The technology is amazing! The cleanings are efficient and not painful. The office is extremely clean and they are constantly sanitizing. I had absolutely no concerns about getting dental work during Covid-19.

Shaun K. Avatar
Shaun K.
7/15/2020 - Google

First off, I havenʻt been to the dentist in 11 years! Yikes. Luckily no new cavities, just a lot of stains and plaque. From the moment I walked in the staff is welcoming and professional, never once shaming me for the ridiculous lapse in dental checkups.

The hygienist that worked on my teeth is an absolute wizard. She managed to get rid of 11 years worth of coffee stains and I walked out and could not stop smiling, although no one could see due to the Covid, masks are required.

I honestly canʻt wait for my next visit, already scheduled. Not repeating the past.

Destry P. Avatar
Destry P.
6/11/2020 - Google

The people here at this dentist office are really helpful and friendly.
I want to recognize a special individual, her name is Chelsea,she helps me out a lot because she knows my FSA gives me a hard time with the billing side .She always goes out of her way to help me get the documents I need to show my FSA account people.So Thank You Chelsea for your help I really appreciate your help all the time i visit

Bruno W. Avatar
Bruno W.
8/01/2018 - Google

I am a retired dentist that recently experienced complex dental treatment with Dr. Tiffani Dunn and her operations manager, Rebecca Fischer. Over 50 years I have experienced loss of front teeth due to injuries from college football, golden gloves boxing and a number of bicycle crashes…. perhaps due to my imagined athletic prowess.

This last time, a front tooth with a root canal split and I had to have it removed along with my bridge. This was to be a major undertaking with big implications for my appearance, ability to speak and eat.

Even though I am a dentist, Dr. Dunn explained to me what she would do, and that she planned construct an all ceramic bridge for esthetics and function. I am old school and had always done metal and ceramic front bridges for better durability. I agreed to follow her advice.

Her administration of anesthetic was absolutely painless, she has a gentle and compassionate touch and Rebecca was comforting and had everything ready before Dr. Dunn even asked for it! What a team!

The complex task of surgically removing the split root and sectioning the bridge from another anchoring tooth was done efficiently and without any pain. She prepared another front tooth for anchorage, sutured me up and Rebecca fabricated a very esthetic and functional temporary bridge for me to wear while the extraction site was healing.

I required no post-operative pain meds other than Aleve.

We considered the option of doing implants, but the delay to wait for healing and loss of proprioception made me decide against it.

After healing was complete, she removed the temporary and slightly modified the preps and scanned the preps and fabricated a new bridge with customized esthetics.

We seated the bridge with no adjustments, no anesthetic and no discomfort. I am absolutely pleased with the outcome and have been completely satisfied with her treatment for over a year now.

I cannot strongly enough suggest Dr. Dunn for any and all dental treatment.

It is almost disconcerting that this office has such breathtakingly beautiful women and that their competence, compassion, and gentle touch is so genuine!

Bruno West DDS, retired

Rebecca F. Avatar
Rebecca F.
9/20/2017 - Google

Execellent Cosmetic Dentist!

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