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dentist rasheed siddiqui

Dr. Rasheed Siddiqui

dentist rasheed siddiqui


Dr. Rasheed Siddiqui

Dr. Rasheed Siddiqui is a simple guy at heart. For him, dentistry is a mix of all the things he loves, like working with his hands, art, science, and making people happy.

Before working at Hawaii Family Dental, Dr. Siddiqui worked all around the world. His cosmopolitan background gave him the opportunity to serve patients from various walks of life. One of his most memorable patients was a high school principal who had high expectations of everyone, including herself. Her grateful reaction after he and his team successfully completed her cosmetic treatment reminded him why he enjoyed his work.

Dentistry is just one of his many loves, however. In addition to making people smile, Dr. Siddiqui also loves reading, music, and extreme sports. He also finds fulfillment in the seemingly mundane things, like washing dishes. For him, even the smallest things can be done well and add purpose to one’s life.

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Why Choose

Dr. Rasheed Siddiqui

  • Trusted by over 260 patients
  • Actively volunteers in the community
  • Speaks Spanish

Patient Testimonials

Kip A. Avatar
Kip A.
5/15/2022 - Google

Greatly appreciated Dr. Mitz for fitting me in during my dental emergency. Nothing says pain like a tooth gone bad. They fit me in the very next day and had me good as new that same day. Got fitted for a crown and in just 4 hrs later, it was good to go. Even got an opportunity to save some money per the Drs. suggestion. This is why I keep coming back for care. Also, all the assistants are amazing because everyone knows, a good assistant makes even a Dr. better.

Sharif M. Avatar
Sharif M.
4/20/2022 - Google

Comfortable and spacious.

Sandi B. Avatar
Sandi B.
4/14/2022 - Google

I am verrry pleased with my visit to Hawaii Family Dental-Kapolei. Everyone are so professional and friendly. It was nice to be remembered by the dentist.

Laurie B. Avatar
Laurie B.
4/06/2022 - Google

Friendly staff!!! Dr. Kirsch was amazing

Tessie D. Avatar
Tessie D.
3/30/2022 - Google

As always, Dr. Sterling and his assistants treated me so wonderfully! Plus, I appreciated how they took special care of my dental needs promptly and painlessly. Mahalos!

Carlos B. Avatar
Carlos B.
3/30/2022 - Google

Truly a professional team....

D M. Avatar
D M.
3/30/2022 - Google

These guys are amazing!

Justin H. Avatar
Justin H.
3/16/2022 - Google

The service was fast, and the people were nice.

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