Facts about Men’s Oral Health

Guys, like women, have a unique physiology that comes with its own set of quirks. And needs, too. This difference plays a considerable role, particularly in their dental health. But as with all peculiarities, these differences might be a little weird to other people. Nonetheless, knowing these unusual yet useful dental health facts about men could be crucial to building your dental foundation.

Much like women’s oral health, men are predisposed to specific health issues that could affect their dental well-being. And at times, this predisposition can be exacerbated by inadequate oral hygiene habits that are common in men. Without the proper knowledge of these risk factors, it might prove detrimental to their oral health in the long run. And these complications can hit hard, especially for dads.

That said, here are some unusual yet useful dental facts about men that you should know:

#1 Your beard is a haven for germs but not as much as a toothbrush

Are you a bearded dad who likes to snuggle up to your kids? You might want to clean it up a little more than usual. A new study noted that bearded men harbor more bacteria in their beards than dogs have in their fur. But while this may be a cause for concern, dads don’t have to shave off their facial hair right off the bat. According to the BBC, beards do carry bacteria. But these findings are in no way unusual. Beardless folk may harbor more dangerous diseases than those who don’t have facial hair. And among the microorganisms found in beards, fecal matter is not one of them. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about toothbrushes. That said, giving your brush and your beard a regular cleaning should do the trick. And in the case of your toothbrush, replace it every 3-4 months.

#2 Your poop can tell you a lot about your oral health

Did today’s trip to the toilet look like that big steak dinner from yesterday? You might be having some teeth troubles. When talking about oral health, we don’t just look at the cosmetic part of it all. We also look at how it impacts your day-to-day activities, such as speaking and eating. If your poops look more intact than usual, you might want to take a trip to the dentist. You might have trouble chewing your food. This difficulty comes from a variety of reasons (misaligned teeth, malocclusion), so clearing it up with your orthodontist could clear up the problem.

#3 Men are less likely to keep up with a suitable oral health routine

Okay, so this isn’t a weird fact, but it’s useful regardless. In contrast to women, men tend to skip out on their scheduled appointments to the dentist. They’re also less likely to brush their teeth twice a day or eat dental-friendly food. If this sounds like an oral health catastrophe, it is. It doesn’t help that men are more likely to develop oral diseases and cancers than women are. It’s hard enough that men are more at risk for other cardiovascular problems, whose medications can restrict the saliva flow. That said, you might want to check up on your oral health more keenly to mitigate these disease risks. Aside from avoiding any potential dangers, you could also get to spend a few more years with the kids as well.

5 Scary Oral Facts All Men Should Know

#1 Men have a higher chance of developing a dry mouth

Men are more likely to experience dry mouth than women. Because of the inadequate saliva production, they also have higher oral bacteria count. In turn, the high number of bacteria increases the chance of developing dental problems. Additionally, the oral-related issues can affect the health and quality of life.

#2 Men are more susceptible to gum disease

Men are more prone to developing gum disease. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, men are more susceptible to gum disease than women. In fact, cases of gum disease in men is at 56.4 percent while women record only 38.4 percent.

#3 Men are more likely to have oral cancers

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, the rate of occurrence of oral cancer is twice higher in men than in women. According to data presented by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, the incidence rate of oral cancer in men is at 15.5 per 100,000 cases, while women only account for 6.1 per 100,000 cases.

Moreover, some oral practices of men are making them more susceptible to oral issues.

#4 Men brush their teeth less

Research suggests women have better oral hygiene practices than men. Based on a study from the Journal of Periodontology, women take more measures to ensure their oral health standing. In fact, 28.7 percent of women brush their teeth after every meal, while 56.8 percent brush their teeth twice a day. Meanwhile, only 20.5 percent of men brush their teeth after every meal, and 49 percent do so twice a day.

#5 Men go to the dentist less often than women

Compared to women, men are also less likely to visit their dentist. While 89.2 percent of women visit the dentist, only 74.6 percent of men do the same. Yet, it is imperative that everyone goes to the dentist at least twice a year.

4 Reasons why Men Get Braces

When braces come to mind, people often think of teenagers opting for such a treatment. While adults wear braces as well, some have a difficult time imagining a man wearing them. The latter makes sense; females are more likely than men to opt for braces as an adult.

However, what you’re about to learn about men and braces will hopefully encourage more men to make the decision to receive the orthodontic treatment they always dreamed of. There’s no shame in wearing braces at any age!

#1 To become more attractive

Everyone of every age wants to be attractive. Having a proper tooth alignment is often one way people feel more attractive. Because approximately 44 percent of adults with braces are men, men can be ensured that they are definitely not the only ones.

Because the smile is often the first thing people notice on a person, men often use this as a reason to correct their pearly whites. In turn, they often feel more attractive to potential romantic partners or even prospective employers. First impressions really do matter.

#2 Because braces are cheaper now than they ever were before

Just know that it’s never too late to get braces! Men often opt for braces in their adult years because prices are dramatically lower since they first came out. Additionally, insurance sometimes covers part of the procedure. For some men, their parents may not have been able to afford their braces when they were younger. But today, many men are confident in paying for their own.

Additionally, the physical changes of braces today are also more attractive in the eyes of many. Smaller brackets and less noticeable oral appliances, in general, are appealing to men and other adults from all around. It’s never been a better or a more affordable time to choose to get braces.

#3 To overcome their self-consciousness of having imperfect teeth

Regardless of how long one has had an incorrect bite or crooked teeth, they’re likely to continue to be self-conscious about it until they get the problem corrected. Men today are making the decision to overcome their self-consciousness and raise their self-esteem by choosing braces as a treatment.

A gap between their teeth they always disliked or teeth that simply aren’t aligned the way they need to be are valid reasons why men feel that braces are the right go-to method for them.

#4 To correct teeth that were moved after having their braces taken off previously

The worst part about receiving orthodontic treatment is the fact that nothing is permanent, that is, unless you take the proper methods to make it permanent such as a wearing a retainer after braces to retain the position of the teeth. Our teeth are always shifting, changing, and moving where they want to go, even far into adulthood. That said, many men today are having braces put on once again to correct what had changed after they already had braces. This is important in cases where major problems such as jaw pain or misalignment are in the picture.

The point is, there are a lot of different reasons why adults, specifically men, are receiving braces today. Whether an adult chooses to get braces to correct something that’s causing a physical problem with their mouth, or if it’s something as simple as wanting to become more attractive, there’s never a wrong time or reason to receive braces.

Keep in mind that there great alternative braces options especially appealing for adult men: Invisalign, transparent (ceramic) braces, and lingual braces (placed behind the teeth instead of in front).

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