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Why Dental Visits are Important if You Have Braces

If you have dental braces, it is essential to stick to your biannual dental visits. After all, your teeth more than ever require care.

There are several reasons why the dentist is beneficial during orthodontic treatment:

#1 Plaque and tartar buildup

With braces and other appliances in the mouth, it is not uncommon to deal with an extra plaque and tartar growth.

Cleaning and maintaining oral hygiene becomes more challenging as braces increase the likelihood of food being stuck.

Your dentist can offer tips on proper brushing and flossing habits to give your teeth a beautiful boost.

#2 Early cavity detection

It is imperative to have your teeth checked for cavities before, during, and after getting braces. It is advised to address your dental problems like tooth decay before subscribing to orthodontic treatment. Thus, this can help ensure the smooth-sailing of the procedure.

Having cavities while wearing braces is not an ideal situation. Minor cavities, especially in the molars, may receive correction without the removal of braces. But several or more severe cases of cavities may require braces to be removed to treat the cavities. As a result, this can disrupt the treatment process and burden one financially due to additional dental and orthodontic expenses.

If your goal is to finish your orthodontic treatment, comply with oral hygiene, and don’t forget to upkeep your dental appointments.

#3 Orthodontic mishaps that are ruining your mouth

Minor accidents with dental braces may happen. Orthodontists may improperly trim the ends of the wires on your braces when replacing them. This can later stab or cut the soft tissue of your mouth and thus cause pain, swelling, and/or infect the inside of your cheeks.

Through dental visits, these mishaps can be addressed and given proper attention.

Also, various sores and oral health issues may arise while you are on orthodontic treatment that can be caught by your dentist. This means you can avoid worst-case dental health scenarios.

When orthodontic mishaps cause injury and dental problems, you can call an emergency dentist especially if there is uncontrollable bleeding and severe pain.

If the pain is under control, still make sure to visit your dentist immediately to avoid complications from arising.

#4 A good, deep cleaning

As mentioned, dental braces make dental hygiene difficult. especially flossing. That is why a deep cleaning by a professional will help you in maintaining your oral health, removing food particles that you miss and preventing dental plaque buildup.

Deep cleaning is not only necessary for orthodontic patients but for everyone else. Your teeth will thank you after a hygienist neatly brushes, flosses, and polishes your teeth.

A fluoride treatment also helps boost oral health and makes vulnerable teeth healthy during treatment.

It is always easy to opt for dental care. Neglecting the health of your teeth and gums is bound to bring problems, problems one will not want to deal with especially while having orthodontic treatment.

Ensure your pearly whites stay pearly and white after your braces come off!

Visiting the dentist is as important, if not more, during your orthodontic treatment than any other time.

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