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Dental Implant Abutment: What Is It?

Many are aware of what a dental implant is, how the procedure is done, and what it can provide for us. However, many aren’t aware of are the details and specific parts of an implant. A dental implant abutment is one component of many dental implants that is unheard of.

What is a dental implant abutment?

To really understand what a dental implant abutment is, it’s important to know all the parts of a dental implant.

The first component of a dental implant, the piece that dentists drill into the gum tissue and slightly into the jawbone, is simply the implant itself. This is the bottom of the entire dental implant that helps support the entire piece in place.

On top of the dental implant is the abutment. This is the component many aren’t aware of. This is an important piece that holds the third and last piece of a dental implant in place, known as the crown.

The crown of a dental implant is one of the most important parts in terms of visual appearance and functionality in the mouth. This is the piece that makes all the difference in a patient’s smile. The crown is the false tooth component of the implant that looks just like any other tooth in the mouth. However, like any other tooth, one also treat it like one, brushing and flossing it twice a day. Without the dental implant abutment, the crown would not be able to be placed on the implant.

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