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4 Ways to Exercise while Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing for a full two minutes twice a day can be difficult to achieve for some. One interesting way to reach that goal is to exercise while brushing your teeth, getting a good workout and receiving better oral health all in one!

This way, it gives toothbrushing for a full two minutes a greater purpose.

Here are some great workouts to participate in while brushing your teeth:

#1 Lunges

Work on those leg muscles by opting for lunges during your tooth-brushing sessions. To achieve a lunge, one must first keep their stomach stiff and straight.

Bring one foot forward as far as possible while bending with the other foot doing the same but backward. Both knees should be at a 90-degree angle. Alternate feet. Lunges are basically like taking large, slow steps while bending low to the ground.

#2 Squats

Squats are also an excellent exercise for building the leg muscles. Keeping the stomach stiff and straight, simply squat up and down. This is probably one of the easiest exercises to do while toothbrushing.

#3 Balancing

Work on your balancing skills and leg muscles while balancing on one foot. Alternate feet every once in a while, and try balancing in different ways to challenge yourself. This can be especially fun for kids but can be dangerous for ones that are very clumsy while having a toothbrush in their mouth – Be careful!

#4 Calf raises

Again with the leg muscles (and also helpful for the foot muscles), simply raise your feet on your tippy toes, and drop back down. Repeat. This is another great and safe exercise for children in particular while brushing their teeth. Do monitor your young children to ensure no accidents happen during any of the workout toothbrushing sessions.

Try other workouts or stretches as well during your two-minute brushing sessions. Be creative! Just be careful of doing anything too vigorous or fast (such as jumping up and down) as you have a toothbrush in your mouth.

Again, children should be monitored just in case. The whole toothbrushing workout session can be fun for the whole family of all ages!

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