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How To Strengthen Your Child’s Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel plays an important role in protecting the teeth from various elements.Without tooth enamel, tooth sensitivity, the risk of cavities, and discoloration of the teeth are all possible outcomes.

Tips on keeping your child’s enamel strong

One of the most important steps in providing healthy teeth with a strong enamel layer is taking part in daily oral hygiene. Your child should participate, just like everyone else, in twice-a-day tooth-brushings for two minutes each session.

Doing so will ensure the enamel layer of the teeth is cleared of plaque, germs, light stains, and food particles. While the enamel layer is indeed strong, there’s only so much enamel can take. Enamel needs help in clearing oral bacteria and other particles in the mouth in order to continue acting as a shield for the teeth.

A pea-sized amount of fluoride-based toothpaste should be utilized along with thorough brushing at all angles and within all crevices of the teeth. Flossing once or twice per day is also necessary for healthy teeth. Teaching and guiding your child’s oral hygiene, in addition to reminding them, is important.

Don’t give your child soda. Limit sweetened and/or acidic beverage consumption.

Soda, being an acidic and sugary beverage, is one of the worst drinks to give to your child next to coffee and sports drinks. Beverages like these, if given to your child, should be strictly limited.

Having your child drink these beverages through a straw, however, is a better option as the drink will have little direct contact with the teeth through this method. Because sugary drinks in general can feed oral bacteria, cavities are more likely to occur. For this reason, limitation of both sugary and acidic beverages is vital.

Remember that brushing right after drinking or eating something acidic can cause enamel erosion. Have your child wait a half hour after consumping the latter before thoroughly brushing their teeth. Waiting allows the mouth to neutralize the acidic pH in the mouth.

Provide healthy, nutritious foods for your child.

Healthy food provides the vitamins in minerals for a healthy enamel layer. In particular, vitamin D, vitamin K, phosphorous, protein, and calcium keep the enamel strong. Particular enamel-strengthening foods include strawberries, celery, dairy products (non-sweetened yogurt, milk, cheese, and kefir), and meat.

Providing healthy food for your child also means limiting sweet treats. While it’s important to keep everything in moderation, it’s vital that healthy foods are the main component of your child’s diet.

Schedule two visits to the dentist every year.

As always, upkeeping twice-a-year dental checkups for your child is important to ensure your child’s teeth are where they need to be. Dentists will be able to identify enamel wear, cavities, faulty brushing or flossing skills in addition to other oral-related problems. These issues can be spotted and treated before they worsen over the course of time.

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