7 Natural Ways to Keep Fight Dental Anxiety

dental anxiety

While some people can swiftly get through their regular dental visits, others face intense fear and anxiety over such visitations.

Unfortunately, when such fear arises, most of these patients either strictly limit or avoid visits to the dental office.

Because anxiety is a genuine and scary ordeal, those dealing with it gladly approve of psychiatric drugs or dental sedation to get through their dental visits.

However, some patients disapprove of such ways and would instead resort to safer, more natural, do-it-yourself methods. These include:

#1 Drinking a calming tea

Certain herbs have a way of keeping us calm yet alert, giving our brains a more relaxed state of mind. Go for a tea that contains holy basil or chamomile. Drink this about a half-hour before the dental visit.

Other herbs such as lemon balm and lavender work well too. Be sure that you heat or boil the water so that when you add the tea, the herbs can properly release their calming chemical properties.

#2 Bringing a close friend to the dental visit for comfort

If being alone at your dental visit is one thing causing your anxiety to arise while at your appointment, why not bring a close friend, family member, or other loved one?

Most dentists don’t mind if you have company in your room. Bringing someone with you is comforting and even helps to distract you from your worries, especially while communicating with them.

#3 Avoiding caffeine before the visit

Caffeine, especially in soda and coffee, can cause you to be jittery, shaky, and hyperactive, causing anxiety-ridden patients to feel five times more nervous than they already do.

The last thing you want is an even faster-beating heart when you’re already nervous. That said, lay off the caffeine before your visit.

#4 Eating a well-balanced meal

Avoid sugary foods that will make you even more jittery, and instead, aim for things rich in vitamins and minerals. For example, snacking on fruits, vegetables, nuts, or granola are healthy ways to keep your stomach whole while also keeping your nerves calm.

#5 Listening to music during the appointment

People who have dental anxiety have it for different reasons. Some hate the pain, some are afraid of the straightforward contact between patient and dentist, some fear the sounds of the tools, and others fear the tools themselves.

If the sound of the drills and other tools is a problem for you, listening to calming music on an MP3 or phone during your visit might be a huge help.

#6 Trying breathing exercises and techniques

Anxiety often worsens when you are improperly breathing. Yet, anxiety can also cause shallow breathing as well. Know how to break the cycle. Start practicing breathing exercises a couple of weeks before your appointment. You can find free guided breathing exercise apps and YouTube videos.

Apart from worsened anxiety, failing to breathe properly can result in panic attacks and may even cause you to pass out which is why proper breathing is so important.

#7 Finding a dentist that is patient and understanding

Most importantly, you should only go to a gentle and compassionate dentist. A dentist that is willing to work with you the natural way and is patient enough to give you a few breathers or calm-down moments is one you should attend.

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