lipstick teeth whitening

The Power Of Lipstick in Teeth Whitening

lipstick teeth whitening

With lipstick, sometimes it’s hard to pick the right color to ensure it complements everything from head to toe. However, it’s even more difficult to make sure the color of your lipstick doesn’t make your teeth appear yellow.

But today, there are adequate tips to save you from having someone touching up your smile before the photo is published online.

Be sure to follow these nifty tricks that even celebrity make up artists use:

During summer, it’s always fun to wear bright lipsticks to commemorate the coming of brighter, sunnier days.

However, did you know that lipsticks of bright hues are your teeth’s number one enemy?

Sure, these shades look great, but they make your teeth have a yellow tone to it. Thus, these are not great shades to wear before dates or job interviews. When buying bright colored lipstick, be sure to purchase one that has a dark undertone, preferably with a blue or purple undertone. Avoid orange or yellow lipsticks at all cost if you want your teeth to look whiter.

Purple/blue and orange/yellow are on the opposite sides on the color wheel. Thus, purple cancels out yellow undertones. Likewise, blue cancels out orange undertones. Hence, selecting blue or purple undertones brings out a whiter hue of your teeth.

While dark red or brown lipsticks are more commonly used during the colder seasons, it’s also best to purchase them when they offer a color with a blue or purple undertone. For instance, buy a dark berry lipstick with a purple undertone instead of brown. Nowadays, there are plenty of berry lipstick hues available from high-end brand names to drugstore brands.

Red, light pink, and dark pink lipsticks should be bought when the undertones are cool rather than coral or orange. These colors are perfect for occasions all occasions: weddings, prom, graduations, and parties.

The latter colors will help a lot in making your teeth look bright and healthy in photos. That said, be sure to carry a cool undertone pink lipstick everywhere you go, so you’ll always be camera ready. Another great color to buy is a mauve lipstick, which is a nearly-neutral hue that features a purple-brown undertone.

Avoid lipsticks with a frosty shimmer. Although they make your lips look glamorous, putting on too much can make your lips look whiter. In turn, these may make your teeth look dark and dingy. Thus, avoid wearing them before a photo shoot, family photo, or social media selfie.

Lastly, don’t go neon. Just like clothing, neon colors can make your skin look tanner. In the case of neon lipstick, they can exaggerate dark spots on your teeth.

It’s always good to ask a beautician at a makeup bar for help selecting the right color for your skin tone. Don’t be shy!

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