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Look Younger With Cosmetic Dentistry

Keeping a youthful appearance is something we all aim for as we start to get older.

When it comes to looking younger, most of us emphasize the condition of our skin, our choices in clothing, or even our hair.

However, many don’t stop to think that a smile is a massive giveaway in indicating our age, regardless of how we dress, style our hair, or how wrinkle-free our skin is.

Fortunately in a modern world of dentistry, opting for cosmetic procedures for our pearly whites has tremendous results for a person’s appearance.

Some methods of cosmetic dentistry include:

  • Veneers

A less-than-perfect tooth can be both covered and protected with realistic-looking, tooth-like sheets called veneers. These sheets are added just to the surface of a tooth.

Those with a tooth that has stains, minor cracks, small chips, or other tiny dental flaws are excellent candidates for porcelain veneers. Those who want a slight reshaping or lengthening of their teeth also find veneers useful.

  • Crowns

Crowns are not just for problematic teeth; they also provide a refreshing, realistic appearance to teeth. Crowns also give a strong structure for eating and speaking.

Additionally, those with a slight improper bite may be able to find correction with crowns. In turn, a more proper bite can help reduce wrinkles as the mouth is aligned correctly and adequately filled in.

  • Teeth whitening

Yellowed teeth and stains can not only be embarrassing for a patient but also can make one look older. Miscolored teeth look aged, worn, and as if they have been exposed over the years.

However, with professional teeth whitening done by a dental specialist, one’s teeth will be brighter, whiter, and younger in no time. Don’t fool anyone into thinking you’re older than you are with yellow teeth!

  • Orthodontics

Most folks are not born with perfectly aligned teeth. In fact, everyone has some flaw in their bite or arrangement of their teeth, with some having minor or major than others’ flaws.

The branch of orthodontics offers excellent treatment for a wide range of patients from minor crooked teeth to a major jaw misalignment.

The thing with straighter, more aligned teeth is that it provides for a more youthful appearance. Society has given us the misconception that young adults have straight, white, clean teeth. We see this all the time on Photoshopped covers of magazines.

With that being said, you can meet that misconception and trick others into thinking you’re younger than you truly are just with an orthodontic treatment!

  • Bonding

Improve a discolored, stained, or slightly chipped or worn-down tooth with dental bonding. This cosmetic option uses a tooth-colored resin that is bonded or cured to a tooth to give a young and beautiful smile to any patient.

Bonding can also restore teeth damaged by tooth decay or bruxism (tooth grinding).

  • Gum/bone grafting & recontouring

Grafting gums or teeth in the mouth can potentially offer new tissue/bone growth in the mouth to revitalize one’s smile.

Likewise, surgically reshaping (recontouring) gums and teeth can help give one a younger look when completed.

  • Crown lengthening

Often done in cases of severe tooth grinding, a patient’s gum tissue will be slightly removed to expose more tooth structure, so a crown can be added.

After completion, one’s tooth/teeth will appearance unharmed and young again, no matter their actual age.

There are several options for creating a more youthful smile. These are just some of the many ways one can look younger when it comes to their oral appearance.

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