Air Abrasion

The Magic of Air Abrasion

Air Abrasion

Dread the dentist’s drill? Say goodbye to ear-splitting noise and discomfort with the latest micro-dentistry procedure – air abrasion.

Imagine a dental technique that eliminates tooth decay and prepares your teeth for restoration, all while being gentle and non-invasive. That’s exactly what air abrasion offers.

Similar to sandblasting, tiny particles are targeted within a specific area of your mouth. This advanced procedure keeps as much of your natural tooth intact as possible, without sacrificing more than necessary.

But that’s not all – say goodbye to anesthesia in many cases. With air abrasion, multiple teeth can be treated in a single appointment, saving you time and ensuring a pain-free experience.

The benefits of air abrasion go beyond just decay treatment. It can remove surface stains on your teeth, eliminate existing fillings, and even prepare your teeth for sealants.

Primary Benefits of Air Abrasion:

  • Anesthesia won’t be necessary in many cases.
  • No more excessive pressure, eerie noises, and vibrations
  • A huge portion of the natural tooth is intact following the procedure.
  • Quick and easy procedure
  • Minimized risk of damage to the teeth (e.g., fractures and chipping)

However, it’s important to note that air abrasion isn’t suitable for everyone. Candidates for this procedure include those with dental anxiety, minor dental decay, and pediatric patients.

During the procedure, the dentist will carefully examine your teeth to determine if air abrasion is right for you. Using a gentle silica, oxide, and aluminum spray, the decay will be effectively removed. A special dye is then used to ensure no small bits of decay remain. Finally, a composite filling is placed and your teeth receive a polish for a beautiful, natural finish.

Don’t let fear or discomfort hold you back from getting the dental care you need. Consult with your dentist to see if air abrasion is the right solution for you. Experience the future of dentistry and preserve the strength and functionality of your teeth like never before.

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