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7 Reasons Why You Need Straighter Teeth Now

Many opt for orthodontic treatment to achieve straighter teeth mainly for aesthetic purposes.

However, straight teeth have even more benefits than this.

What do straight teeth have to offer besides a beautiful smile?

#1 Decreases the potential for dental emergencies such as chipped teeth

Teeth that are crowded or orientated in ways where the teeth stick out more than usual have a higher potential to be injured. Teeth that are straighter have a less risk of suffering from such dental emergencies. Generally, this is due to their better placement in the mouth.

#2 Reduces the risk of tooth wear

A straighter alignment of the teeth makes for less risk of abnormal tooth wear. Teeth that are very crooked have a higher chance of tooth wear due to unnatural chewing habits and the position of the teeth that increase the rubbing between the top and bottom teeth.

#3 Decreases headaches and neck pain

Jaw misalignment or crooked teeth can often increase the risk of neck pain and headaches because of the stress they place in the mouth, and thus, on the nerves in the surrounding areas. Having straighter teeth, however, provides less stress on the gums and less head and neck pain.

#4 Makes the teeth easier to clean

Because severely misaligned teeth can be difficult to brush and floss, choosing to receive straighter teeth may be a good idea. Floss make get stuck between crooked teeth or difficult to get floss into to begin with. Many spots may be missed when brushing misaligned teeth due to their placement in the mouth. Straighter teeth are much easier to floss, brush, and generally maintain. In turn of having easier to clean teeth, teeth are also healthier as a whole.

#5 Allows for healthier gums

Red, inflamed gums or even symptoms of gum (periodontal) disease are often accompanied by gapped or crowded teeth. Having gums in this condition is often due to the fact that the teeth are not properly aligned within the gums and also due to the fact that less straight teeth can be more difficult to clean, causing gum irritation over time. Straighter teeth, however, display healthier gums overall.

#6 Reduces the chance of tooth decay and other oral-related issues

Overall, crooked or incorrectly spaced teeth are more likely to display oral issues such as cavities, plaque, and tartar due to their position in the mouth. These issues are less likely to occur with straighter, properly-aligned teeth as cleanings and maintenance are easier.

In general, those with straighter teeth have less oral bacteria thanks to a better placement in the mouth. In turn, having straighter teeth may very well save you dental costs in the near and far future.

#7 Improves one’s self-esteem

There’s no doubt that straighter teeth can increase one’s self-esteem. One is more likely to laugh and smile with their teeth and generally feel more confident with the way they look with straighter teeth as well.

A simple misalignment of the teeth can cause one to be ashamed of the appearance of their teeth. However, opting for orthodontic treatment may be the very thing that gives them a boost in how they feel appearance-wise.

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