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Caring For Your Baby’s Oral Health From Day One

We already know that caring for our teeth is important. But what a lot of people fail to understand is that even before the very first tooth erupts, oral care is still necessary.

Oral health plays a vital role for a healthy set of teeth, strong gums, and the reduction of oral-related problems due to excess oral bacteria.

Here are the most important reasons one should care for their baby’s oral health from day one:

  • Cleaning your baby’s gums with a soft, damp washcloth before the first tooth erupts eliminates oral bacteria and milk buildup. In turn, this creates a healthy base for the first teeth to come through.

Think about it: What holds the teeth in place? That’s right, the gums!

The gums play a vital role in the mouth, as you can imagine. By keeping the gums healthy and clean of bacteria and debris, the teeth have a safe environment to grow, develop, and persist for years.

The teeth can’t be healthy without healthy gums. That’s why cleaning the gums as early as possible ensures a cleaner and safer mouth for future pearly whites that will soon form.

  • A clean, healthy mouth ensures healthy baby teeth. Healthy baby teeth are likely to turn into healthy permanent teeth in the future.

It makes sense that caring for your baby’s temporary teeth allow healthy permanent teeth to develop in the future.

The goal now should be to keep your baby’s mouth as clean as possible by brushing their teeth with a baby-sized toothbrush with a small drop of toothpaste twice a day once the very first tooth develops.

It’s true that a set of unhealthy baby teeth can lead to unhealthy permanent teeth in the future.

Keeping up with your child’s oral health now ensures you have greater control over the harmful oral bacteria housing in your child’s mouth.

This makes the transition from caring for baby teeth to caring for the permanent teeth easier for your child once they learn the proper oral hygienic methods. After all, healthy teeth are clearly easier to care for than unhealthy teeth.

  • Cavities can develop as early as when the first tooth erupts, so caring for your baby’s gums and teeth once they develop is vital.

Cavities form when little to no oral care tactics are put into place. Without an oral health routine, oral bacteria will take over the mouth and literally rot and eat away at the teeth.

It’s a painful, harmful, and ugly process for all ages and needs to be consulted by a dental professional as soon as possible. Even without the threat of cavities, oral bacteria can cause the mouth and rest of the body many problems if overgrown. Mouth cancers, gum (periodontal) disease, and pancreatic cancer are can certainly surface.

For these reasons, brushing your child’s teeth once they develop is not too early. In fact, it provides a healthier mouth and reduces the chances of cavities and other oral-related problems from occurring.

Never neglect your child’s oral health. The earlier issues arise, the easier it will be for more oral-related issues to occur now and in the future.

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