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Add a Healthy Smile to that Back-to-School Checklist

School’s been out for some time, but the back-to-school enthusiasm still remains. It’s a critical time, after all. In the month following the start of classes, your kids may be busy settling down and getting the hang of their studies. It’s also a time when you’re probably checking that back-to-school checklist for anything amiss. You can add a healthy smile to that list.

The benefits of a healthy mouth are well-documented. For school-aged kids, good oral health can make quite an impact on their school performance. And the effects of a beautiful set of teeth are unmistakable, particularly when you’re out to make a first impression.

What, then, can you and your child do to make sure they’ve got a healthy smile for their first day of school? Here are some things to put on that checklist:

  1. Book an appointment with your child’s pediatric dentist
    In a connected world, you’ve probably come across a slew of advice and instructions on how to keep your child’s teeth healthy for school. And it can get overwhelming, especially when some tips seem to contradict the other. Fortunately, there’s a quick way to get to the bottom of it all.Scheduling an appointment with your child’s pediatric dentist can give you a clearer picture of their dental health. During the check-up, their dentist can pinpoint any potential problems and prescribe a routine your kid can follow. If the dentist finds any abnormalities, they can correct it right away before they get worse. This foresight could save your child from an embarrassing bout of bad breath in school.
  2. Build up a solid dental hygiene foundation
    Following the prescription of their pediatric dentist, another way to keep their teeth nice and healthy is to help them build a solid dental hygiene routine. Regular toothbrushing is a sure task on that list, particularly after your child’s meals. Remember that the proper brushing technique is as crucial as how regularly they brush.Experts also encourage flossing before toothbrushing to loosen the plaque in between your teeth. And you can feel the difference, too. Nonetheless, it’s a great practice to adopt, which can stop any interdental issues in their tracks.
  3. Pack some tooth-healthy lunches
    Diet is as important as maintenance, if not more so. Your child’s best dental health may very much start with what’s in their lunchbox. Look out for healthy foods for your child’s teeth and use them to create your creations. You can bond with your kids over this. Before the school week starts, plan out their meals together and make your recipes.As such, be wary of any sugary foods or snacks that might sneak their way into their meals. That means no sodas or sweet juices. If you do decide to pack some dessert, make sure that it follows a nice hearty meal.
  4. Use a little mouthwash
    Finally, you can help your kids give their oral health a little boost with a travel-sized mouthwash bottle. While it doesn’t cure all dental woes, it certainly can help your kids beat them.
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