How Can I Help Children Develop Healthy Oral Habits?

As parents, you want your kids to develop into healthy, strong adults. The same goes when it comes to their oral health. So you want to ensure that they develop good oral hygiene practices while still young. And doing so guarantees their oral success in the future.

It is not difficult to develop healthy oral habits in children.

Getting your children started early is ideal if you want them to have a healthy dental foundation. Your child’s brain is growing quickly during the first five years of life, and this period will significantly impact your child’s future more than any other. Here are some pointers for parents of infants and toddlers:

What Should I Do Once My Baby Starts Teething?

  • Ensure to clean and wet a washcloth or piece of gauze to wipe your child’s gums before the eruption of the first tooth. Alternately, use a baby or toddler toothbrush (you must use a baby or toddler toothbrush because the bristles are softer) to brush the gums with water once or twice daily gently. This will help to guarantee that your baby’s teeth usually grow without many problems.
  • Breastfeed when you can. Tooth decay caused by baby bottles is usually avoidable. You should be fine if you clean after your baby every feeding and ensure they don’t have anything sweet in their bottle when they nap. However, to be sure, breastfeeding is the way to go in these cases. Because the milk bypasses the gums and teeth, there’s less incidence of tooth decay. 
  • Your baby’s teething is likely to begin between four and eight months. When their teeth come out, use a soft-bristled toothbrush twice daily to brush them.

Teething is a common occurrence, especially in your infants. Despite not necessarily being painful, it can cause your children discomfort and stress. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Several simple fixes can relieve your child’s suffering without causing further harm. Examples include giving them something cold to suck on and something they can safely nibble—however, no sweet stuff. In addition, the parents should develop positive dental hygiene for their children.

  • Provide a schedule you can follow to maintain your child’s dental health.
  • You can try a few simple fixes if your child is experiencing teething pain. Letting them chew on certain toys can help ease the pain.

How Do I Clean My Child’s Teeth?

When your child’s teeth start erupting, you should clean them thoroughly. Even though your toddler won’t be able to brush their teeth on their own just yet, you as a parent must do it twice daily for them and educate them later as they age.

  • Being gentle and direct is crucial if your child is under 18 months old. For example, use water to brush your teeth rather than toothpaste. Then, gently wipe those dental buds with a soft towel. You can also massage the child’s gums while cleaning to help them through teething difficulties. Repeat this twice daily.

It would be best to introduce a small amount of toothpaste at this point and gradually increase it until your child understands the concept of spitting after brushing. Reminding children that even if the toothpaste tastes good, it must be spat out rather than swallowed. 

You can advance to a small-headed, soft-bristled brush as they get older. Use a tiny bit of low-fluoride toothpaste to protect their teeth as they develop. After brushing, remind them to spit out the paste. Your child must develop this vital, healthy dental habit. Better results come faster. You can upgrade them to a regular toothpaste bottle when they are two to three years old.

Always brush and floss daily because children may be unsure what to do. Therefore, lead by example by using suitable brushing techniques. Always remind children to floss after they brush their teeth properly, and do it for them in the meantime, so they become used to it. 

Your Child’s Pediatric Dentist Is Your Friend

Your initial thought may be to take your child to your general dentist when deciding where to take them for their first dental appointment. This is a practical way to keep your family’s dental needs in order, so it’s not necessarily a bad idea. However, you might wish to visit a pediatric dentist if your child shows signs of dental phobia at a young age or if their teeth need more attention. In addition to calming your child’s nervousness, they will be able to assist you in improving your child’s oral health because they have experience treating younger kids. 

Combining all of these good oral hygiene practices for kids can help ensure that your child has better dental health both now and in the future.

These 5 easy steps will promote healthy living for everyone:

#1 Eat wholesome food to promote oral health and general wellbeing.

Making small changes to your diet can have a significant long-term influence on your overall health. Consider a minor substitution or even adding healthy items to your go-to snacks or meals. In this manner, it will be something you like and that your body will highly value.

For instance, if you frequently crave potato chips, think about creating kale chips as a nutritious substitute. If you enjoy chocolate, make a nutritional trail mix using different nuts, berries, and your favorite chocolate.

By using this technique, you may still satisfy your hunger without going overboard and, of course, while still eating something healthy. Of course, you can always experiment and attempt healthier, more environmentally friendly snack options. But, as much as you can, stay away from sweet and starchy food.

#2 Make your physical activity enjoyable.

Playing various entertaining activities might help you motivate your loved ones to engage in physical activity. These include sports participation, trampoline play, and freezing jumping, to name a few.

Additionally, motivating factors for exercise participation are colorful athletic apparel, upbeat music, and workout applications. Make exercise fun and engaging by competing with friends to see who can log the most kilometers in a week of running, for example.

#3 Get more sleep.

It’s essential to get enough sleep. So it matters to keep a constant routine of going to bed and getting up at the same time daily.

This is among the best ways to stay healthy. Remember that regular sleep will help you feel refreshed and capable of enduring the day with strength and a positive attitude.

#4 Drink more water.

Indeed, many of us don’t consume the required eight glasses of fluid daily. Yet, water is necessary for our body to function because it makes up more than 60% of our body.

Water is essential for hydrating our organs, eliminating waste, and transporting oxygen and minerals throughout the body. We lose water as we breathe, sweat, pee, and expel bodily waste; thus, we must replenish our fluid intake.

#5 Maintain good oral health.

Take care of your teeth, gums, and the entire mouth. Maintain good oral hygiene and schedule regular dental visits. Remember that your oral health can significantly impact your overall health

8 Fun And Useful Dental Apps For Kids

1. Disney Magic Timer

Google Play | iTunes

Princesses, talking animals, fairies, mermaids, and talking cars are just a few of the characters that Disney has introduced to our children’s lives. These particular characters are appealing to both kids and adults.

A new app from the firm that makes magic happen can “magically” get your kids excited about brushing their teeth.

Disney and Marvel have come together to create Disney Magic Timer, powered by Dream Play in cooperation with Oral-B, to make brushing more enjoyable.

The app, which includes 23 of your kids’ favorite Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars characters, will encourage them to brush longer and make it easier to track how often they brush. As a result, children can enjoy their favorite Disney characters and healthier teeth.

2. Aquafresh Brush Time

Google Play | iTunes

A new hero is on the way to protect your children from cavities and other oral health issues. With the assistance of Captain Aquafresh and the Nurdles, Aquafresh Brush Time demonstrates to children a fun approach to brushing all surfaces of the teeth.

The app contains catchy tunes and dances to encourage young children to engage in two-minute brushing sessions. Unlimited dance mash-ups are also available for a selection of every brush time.

3. Dentist Office – Dental Teeth Games Simulator

Google Play | iTunes

Children may experience what it’s like to be a dentist using this straightforward and interactive application. Children can become familiar with dental practices and equipment using the Dentist Office – Dental Teeth Games Simulator. Kids can select from nine operations, including dental cleaning, root canal therapy, tooth extraction, teeth cleaning, and crown implantation. Because of this, kids may feel more at ease when these procedures are conceivably performed on them in real life.

4. Brush DJ

Google Play | iTunes

Brush DJ is a free, award-winning app that acts as a toothbrush timer and plays two minutes of music. It also allows the user to set reminders for things like changing their toothbrush, brushing at least twice a day, flossing, using mouthwash, and going to the dentist. The app also includes animated tutorial videos.

5. Tiny Dentist

Google Play | iTunes

The Tiny Dentist is a free app that turns your smartphone or tablet into a dental office. As a result, your children can get to know different dental instruments and treatments. Your child will enjoy interacting with patients who have various dental issues. It has a user interface designed for children that makes learning as enjoyable as playing. As a result, this helps children form positive associations with tools and procedures that they may otherwise fear.

6. Chomper Chums

Google Play | iTunes

Chomper Chums is a mobile dental hygiene app that allows parents to teach their children proper brushing techniques. As a result, children can learn to develop long-term, healthy oral wellness habits. The app introduces three fun, friendly, and lovable animal characters. It employs colorful animations and rewards the child for brushing twice daily for two minutes each time.

7. Brush My Teeth – Happy Dentist


Brush my Teeth – Happy Dentist uses a game to simulate brushing, flossing and using mouthwash. It specifically teaches children the importance of proper oral hygiene. It also includes a dentist’s office game where kids can care for virtual teeth using dental tools such as a pincer, flossier, scrubber, and toothbrush.

8. Tooth savers Brushing Game

The Tooth savers Brushing Game immerses children in a story in which they use a toothbrush to save the fairytale kingdom. Children will have two minutes to brush and scrub away an evil sorceress’s spell on each of the kingdom’s inhabitants. The app has ten colorful characters and plays with simple swipes and taps.

3 Catchy Tunes For Your Child’s Brushing Time

While parents tend to their children’s teeth in the beginning, it’s crucial that kids eventually learn how to take care of their own. After all, your kids won’t be little forever. Even older children finally need to clean their teeth on their own. Unfortunately, however, not every child has the chance to receive good brushing instruction.

Setting children up for a lifetime of healthy smiles is learning how to brush their teeth. As a result, they will soon be less prone to cavities and other hazardous oral disorders. Fortunately, this also usually means that kids will have a better chance of having long-term dental health.

So, what can you do? Fortunately, there are many tooth-brushing songs available to teach children the importance of brushing their teeth:

1. ”Brush Your Teeth” By StoryBots

Song link:


Up, down, front and behind

Brush ’em all around, ’til they sparkle and shine

‘Cause cavities are meanies, and meanies don’t belong in your mouth!

So everybody do the chh-chh-chh-chh, chh, chh

Like your dentist taught ya, go chh-chh-chh-chh, chh, chh


If you like to nibble, gnaw, bite

Munch and crunch

If you like chewin & chompin’, and chowin’ down lunch

Then don’t brush like you’re in a rush

Scrub ’em every which way!


So everybody do the chh-chh-chh-chh, chh, chh

Now all together, do the chh-chh-chh-chh, chh, chh


And when you open your mouth to speak

You don’t want your breath smelling like rhinoceros feet!

So ya better brush up on your brushin’!


Everybody do the chh-chh-chh-chh, chh, chh

Like your dentist taught ya, go chh-chh-chh-chh, chh, chh

Come on people, do the chh-chh-chh-chh, chh, chh

Go brush your teeth!

2. ”Brushing Song” By Videogyan 3D Rhymes

Song link:


I get up in the morning

and go to brush my teeth

I take the brush, drop the paste

And go round and round


Round and round, round and round

up and down n up and down


Round and round, round and round

up and down n up and down


Brushing keeps our teeth

Healthy and clean

Every morning every night

I brush my teeth to make it bright


3. “The Toothbrush Song” By Andrew Huang

Song link:


Oh, we’re gonna brush our teeth (x3)

Hey hey, hey hey


Oh, we’re gonna brush our teeth (you gotta brush ’em) (x3)

Hey hey, hey hey (you gotta brush ’em)


The brightness of your pearly whites is priceless

It’s righteous, you don’t want that gingivitis

I might just brush twice or thrice, i like this

I need fresh breath to be rocking a mic with

My philosophy’s to floss my teeth properly

Then pop this wee toothpaste cap off

You gotta squeeze more than just a drop on these bristles

Put the brush under the tap, give it a drizzle


And then we’re brushing ’round and ’round




We’re brushing side to side

We’re brushing up and down

Open your mouth up wide

We’re brushing: front to back. back to front. tooth by tooth

Until we get every one


Oh, we’re gonna brush our teeth (x3)

Hey hey, hey hey


Oh, we’re gonna brush our teeth (you gotta brush ’em) (x3)

Hey hey, hey hey (you gotta brush ’em)

Now when you’re brushing your teeth

Don’t be too rough on your gums

And try to always remember

You should be brushing your tongue

From the front to the back

Attacking the plaque on your teeth

‘Cause if your chiclets went and fell out

Well then how would you eat?

To keep your breath smelling fresh and your teeth real strong

You only need to brush for about the length of this song

So once in the morning and once at night, let’s sing it

Hold on, my mouth’s got so much toothpaste in it!

Repeat chorus

Oh, we’re gonna brush our teeth (x3)

Hey hey, hey hey

Oh, we’re gonna brush our teeth (you gotta brush ’em) (x3)

Hey hey

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