Gain Confidence Through Tooth Replacement

Cosmetic dentistry, including tooth replacement options, has become more affordable than ever. Advancements in technologies also mean that you can replace missing teeth with natural-looking ones. 

Making Adjustments to One’s Smile

As a person gets older, they may find that their teeth drop or shift. In the same way, a person may begin to notice that one of their teeth is larger than the corresponding teeth which gives one an imbalanced appearance. In turn, one may take into account cosmetic dentistry.

Moreover, a dentist can alter the teeth’ shape, size, and alignment. In the event that one has a small gap that is unattractive, one may consider filling the spaces between the teeth for a more finished appearance. Fixing cracked, broken, or chipped teeth to halt any future damage and be able to restore a perfect smile can also be done. For a finishing touch, a whitening treatment is highly recommended.

Filling in the Missing Teeth

In reality, losing a tooth is unattractive, often making one feel uncomfortable about their overall appearance. Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to suffer from insecurity from being toothless. It is now possible to restore one’s confidence and smile by filling the missing spaces in the most natural way possible.

Aside from this, cosmetic dentistry can help one replace their missing teeth with bridges, dentures, or dental implants. Truly, these solutions are secure and can help protect other teeth in the surrounding regions. If the teeth have moved due to a missing tooth, the dentist can correct or enhance the bite. There is no reason for a teen or an elder not to have their missing tooth or teeth replaced with today’s technology.

Replacing the Old Fillings

Old fillings can cause damage to one’s aging teeth, or these may fall out altogether. Therefore, one may consider composite fillings rather than replacing the old ones with the same unsightly, dark fillings.

With natural fillings, one will not only look better, but composite fillings are also safer for the teeth. The doctor may advise a natural-colored crown or a cap for additional protection.

While fillings are inserted in the mouth to shield delicate canines, as time passes by, these can tarnish and crack. Discuss with the dentist about replacing these with the safest, most relevant, and attractive option.

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