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Tooth-Healthy Stocking Presents To Give Your Kid

Need ideas for stocking presents this year? Trying to avoid filling it with candy and other sweets? Here are some great ideas for tooth-healthy stocking presents:

#1 Healthy snacks as Stocking Presents

Forget overly sweet snacks and instead opt for tasty, healthy treats for your children. Nuts, granola, fruit leather with 100 percent fruit juice, dried fruits, sugarless gums and mints, and the like are great options and alternatives to unhealthy snacks. Many of these healthy snacks are also great for the teeth, supplying various vitamins and minerals for good oral health.

#2 Fun Dental Tools

Some may think receiving dental products in their stocking is a bummer. However, they can, in fact, be a great gift! Spend a little more on dental products for your child’s stocking. Instead of a boring, disposable toothbrush, opt for a colorful electric toothbrush that light ups or plays music, for instance. These are especially fun for younger children and will greater motivate them to care for their teeth.

#3 Tiny Trinkets and Toys

While not directly dental-related, trinkets and toys are always fun and don’t negatively impact the teeth. Markers, fun-smelling soaps, wind-up toys, lip balm, fun pencils, combs, stickers, travel-sized lotions, yo-yo toys, and other tiny items can be a blast for all ages and not too hard on your wallet.

Of course, the holidays are a time of year for sweets and sugary snacks that can be harmful to one’s oral health, but this doesn’t mean these should be completed avoided. As long as desserts are eaten in moderation and that the proper oral care is used, especially during the holidays, one’s oral health should be just fine. Have other ideas? Share what your stocking presents look like on our Facebook page!

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