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3 Tooth-Friendly Picnic Foods For The Family

Everyone loves a good picnic. Although, picking out healthy foods can sometimes be a challenge for many.

For this reason, you’re about to be informed on some of the top tooth-friendly foods to include in your next family picnic.

So, what tooth-friendly foods should one opt for?

#1 Cheese

Cheese provides a lot of important vitamins and minerals important for strong, healthy teeth. Calcium provided in cheese allows for strong teeth, and the protein casein keeps tooth enamel healthy and up-kept.

Cheese also helps maintain the pH balance in the mouth, which is vital for good oral health.

In addition to these, cheese also provides probiotics which are healthy bacteria. Probiotics can help fight against bad oral bacteria in the mouth and rest of the body, preventing cavity development, gum disease, and other health problems.


  • Brie cheese on crackers
  • A cheese ball to dip crunchy breadsticks in
  • Baguette slices with herb cream cheese
  • Cheese cubes

#2 Fish

Containing plenty of phosphorus, fish helps replenish this lost mineral important for strong tooth enamel. In turn, strong tooth enamel helps protect the teeth from suffering from tooth sensitivity and cavities.


  • Tuna salad
  • Fried fish sticks
  • Fish tacos
  • Smoked salmon on crackers

#3 Celery

Celery is helpful for both the teeth and the gums given that its crunchy, chewy, stringy texture acts as a toothbrush in a way. Also due to its texture, the extra crunchiness contributes to strong saliva production important in washing away bad oral bacteria otherwise known to create cavities and other oral-related problems.


  • Celery slices with peanut butter
  • Pasta salad with celery slices
  • Veggie soup with celery
  • Walnut, celery, apple salad with mustard vinaigrette

Other tips for a healthy picnic with family:

  • Avoid sugary, acidic beverages such as soda, juices with added sugar, coffee, sports drinks, or alcoholic beverages.

These will break down the enamel layer of the teeth and increase the risk of cavities. Instead, try a sugarless fruit smoothie, sugar-less juice with raw veggies/fruit, green tea with no added sugar, or simple water with sliced cucumbers and/or mint for flavor.

  • Limit or avoid desserts if a tooth-friendly meal is something you value.

Instead, have a sugarless fruit salad for dessert. If you want something a little sweeter that’s still fairly healthy, opt for sliced bananas with crushed almonds, drizzled with a dash of honey. Otherwise, be sure to bring plenty of water to wash down any desserts or sugary foods you do decide to bring on the picnic.

  • Try to avoid foods that are very tough, hard, sticky, gooey, or easily get stuck in the teeth.

This type of foods includes popcorn (especially the kernels), caramel, hard candies, tough meats, crunchy granola bars, taffy, kettle-style potato chips, and corn nuts. Avoiding these is especially advised for those who have crowns or dental devices such as braces.

  • Don’t forget the toothpicks.

A lot of people find toothpicks or even flossing after meals cliche. Others believe these provide no help for the teeth. However, leaving bits and pieces of food to decay in the mouth increases the risk of cavities and bad breath. It only feeds bad oral bacteria in the mouth and causes worsening problems for our oral health.

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