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Tip for a Perfect Wedding Smile on Your Big Day

When that special day arrives, you'll want a wedding ready smile makeover. But how can you get that picture perfect smile on your wedding day?

You’ve spent countless hours planning your wedding. Whether planning it yourself or with the help of a wedding planner, you’ve gone through every detail (like a million times). You made sure you didn’t miss inviting anyone and fretted over what your bridesmaids will wear. And that’s just the start.

One often overlooked item is an embarrassing smile enshrined in wedding photos forever! When making sure your teeth are pearly white for your wedding day, you also have to check for any potential dental mishaps. After all, these could sour those precious wedding photos of yours. This is your wedding. It’s also your wedding smile you need to take note of. Sadly, sometimes those picture-perfect pearly whites go beyond a smile makeover. In those cases, a little photo-editing magic is all it takes.

A Wedding Smile Takes Time…

Sometimes a smile can be fixed right away. Other times, it might take months or even years.

How, though, can you ensure that your smile is wedding ready during that special day? Here are 7 ways to have a picture-perfect smile on your big day:

Upkeep Your Oral Hygiene Routine

When planning the special day, it’s usually done months in advance. So when it comes to getting that picture-perfect smile, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare. Mainly if you haven’t kept up with your oral hygiene, now’s the right time to catch up on your brushing and flossing. Once the months go by, you might find you’ve got that wedding-ready smile as the days go by. And with none of that icky plaque build-up, either.

Teeth Whitening

Common for both brides and grooms is teeth whitening to ensure their teeth look their best in wedding photos.

For just a few shades whiter, one can opt for a store-bought tooth whitening kit found in many convenience stores. A minor case of slightly discolored teeth would benefit from a pea-sized brushing with baking soda and water. Brushing with charcoal can also do the trick. Generally, however, these methods take time to notice results.

However, to really give your teeth a beautiful glow and to make them several shades whiter in a matter of hours or less, one will want to opt for professional tooth whitening. While it may be more expensive, the results are much greater than a store-bought kit.

Some may find professional teeth whitening to be too bright for their tastes. Some may also experience tooth sensitivity for a while after the procedure. For these reasons, getting teeth whitening professionally done a few weeks before the wedding day might be a good idea. After all, professional tooth whitening does last for many months.


See a Dentist and Hygienist

Of course, some situations usually go beyond the usual brush and floss. Things like crooked teeth and deep-set staining, for instance, typically require more advanced solutions. When in doubt, then, it’s better to book yourself an appointment with the dentist to see how you could improve your smile. Whether it’s a rigorous tooth cleaning, a set of braces, or a teeth whitening treatment, you’re sure to get the remedy you need to turn a good smile into a wedding-ready one.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Nobody wants to have a wedding smile that includes less than a full set of teeth.

This may sound drastic, but many are unhappy with their prospective wedding smile due to one or several missing teeth. If this is you, you have solutions for that.

Ideally, a few months before the wedding (to ensure proper healing, time for dealing with possible complications, and to ensure your face isn’t swollen on your big day), it may be time to opt for dental implants, bridges, or dentures to replace your missing tooth/teeth.

These options may be expensive, but they are worth it in the short and long run. They will give you confidence like no other. Some dental insurance plans and savings plans can be used for such procedures to reduce costs.

Straighten Your Teeth for an Aligned Wedding Smile

Many are afraid to shine their smile because of crooked, misaligned teeth. Of course, there are solutions such as braces and Invisalign.

While it may take a few years or longer to achieve desirably straighter teeth, minor cases can be resolved or at least fixed within a few months. If you just got engaged and are looking to straighten your teeth within the next couple of years or so, you’ve may still have time.

Braces and other orthodontic devices can shift the teeth fairly quickly in minor cases. It’s best to consult an orthodontist first and foremost for a time plan. Expect extra time to be added, just to be on the safe side.

Besides these dental and orthodontic-related options, upkeep your oral health and reduce teeth-staining foods and beverages as much as possible. Also, commit to your dental visits. It’s important that if one wants a beautiful smile that the proper care is set in place.

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