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Dr. Weilin Bono - Hawaii Family Dental - Dentist

Dr. Weilin Bono


Dr. Weilin Bono

What would you like patients to know about you?

It’s rewarding being a part of my patient’s health and I enjoy what I do. I’m also fluent in Portuguese and Taiwanese.

Our First Commercial!

Our First Commercial!

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Tooth Fairy

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Why Choose

Dr. Bono

  • Honolulu Magazine’s “Best Dentist” awardee from 2016 and 2018
  • Practicing with Hawaii Family Dental since 2004
  • Accepting new patients

Patient Testimonials

Charlyn A. Avatar
Charlyn A.
11/13/2020 - Google

Dr. Bono and Laura are awesome! They are so caring and made me feel comfortable. They did a wonderful job on my teeth and have continued to do so.

Jim P. Avatar
Jim P.
7/14/2020 - Google

I've been with HFD for over four years, receiving highly satisfactory treatment from doctors Meredith and Bono.Never have I experienced anything but complete confidence and trust in their work and services.With the two, I am always confident I'm doing all in my power re my dental concerns both propholactically and correctively.Thank you both!

Judith J. Avatar
Judith J.
10/14/2019 - Google

Dr. Weilin Bono is one of Hawaii Family Dental's top 5 dentists! As a former dental assistant, I appreciate her chair side manner and her ability to explain treatment options. After 2 crowns and several fillings, the quality of her work is without question. I give Dr. Bono 5 Stars***** I would upgrade Hawaii Family Dental (the business) to 5 Stars once, consistently, everyone who is at the front desk looks up and greets every single person, including me, who walks through the door. Additionally, I would like to have intraoral photos taken to actually see what the conditions are before & after a crown is seated.

Hansel K. Avatar
Hansel K.
10/14/2019 - Google

Its always a pleasure to see there staff. So pleasant, courteous, friendly and smiles whenever on my appointment days. Seeing Dawn and Dr. Bono...just makes my day. They know their job...or else they wouldn't be there to service us...if they didn't. I'm happy that for me, my choice was with and will continue to be with them.

Tomomi M. Avatar
Tomomi M.
10/14/2019 - Google

After initially seeing different dentists, I found someone who I like and trust - Dr. Bono. She's personable, gentle, and I enjoy talking about travels with her. Appointments are easy to make, the front desk greets me by name, and my appointments are pain free.

Gail M. Avatar
Gail M.
10/14/2018 - Google

I have been seeing Dr. Bono for 4 years now. She is gentle, kind and thorough. I have seen two hygienist so far, and I'm sorry I forgot both of their names, but both were great! They were professional, nice and makes dental cleaning comfortable.

Bonnie M. Avatar
Bonnie M.
10/14/2015 - Google

I highly recommend Hawaii Family Dental Center. The staff is so friendly, understanding, and encouraging. You feel very welcome and liked. I go to Dr. Bono and she is so lovely and gracious. She is also an excellent dentist of the highest quality and the best one I have ever been to. She has done some great work for me and makes my visits so pleasant and comfortable. She is very friendly too. Also the teeth cleaning is great and very thorough. The dental chairs are very comfortable and relaxing. This may sound funny, but I actually like to go to my appointments there. Also Dr. Bono fitted me with a wonderful night guard.

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