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Dr. Alfredo Coloma

dr. alfredo coloma


Dr. Alfredo Coloma

What would you like patients to know about you?

I enjoy being able to provide relief to patients with pain so they can eat again. Also, many are surprised I enjoy a little ballroom dancing on the weekends.

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Why Choose

Dr. Coloma

  • Referred by over 431 patients
  • Awarded “Best Dentist in Hawaii” five times
  • Practicing with Hawaii Family Dental since 2002

Patient Testimonials

Rory S. Avatar
Rory S.
11/02/2022 - Google

My cleaning on 10/28 was quick and thorough. Ashley and Dr. Wu were professional and very personable. ( My regular dentist is Dr. Coloma but he wasn’t in that day).

Truckngirl (. Avatar
Truckngirl (.
10/08/2022 - Google

Clean, caring and wonderfully skilled. If you need no fuss dentistry, this is your place. I had dentures made, they look great and fit like a dream. 2022: just as good as before! Had a necessary extraction and got awesome care, and it's healing fast! Came back five years later for new dentures. Dr. Coloma was wonderful, as always. They have virus killing air filters in their office as well. Come here with confidence.

Mel G. Avatar
Mel G.
10/30/2021 - Google

My hygienist, Katelynn is the best! My first time having her and I’m just impressed with her people skills and how easy it was to talk to her. Thank you Katelynn! I hope you’ll be assigned as my permanent hygienist🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼I would like to also thank my dentist Dr. Coloma for being the rockstar that he is!

Arthur K. Avatar
Arthur K.
10/01/2021 - Google

Family Dental Center at Westridge Aiea has been my dentist since about 1990.
Very professional staff, dentists and hygienists.
Yesterday I received a replacement gold crown for one that was about fifty year’s old. Dr Coloma and his assistant Kelly were a very efficient team that fitted the new crown and I was out of the chair in under 30 minutes. It fits perfect. Here are two photos of the casting for the crown with the temporary crown in place. I highly recommend this dental office.

Cam W. Avatar
Cam W.
3/13/2021 - Google

I have been a client of Hawaii Family Dental-Aiea since they opened. The staff has changed over the decades, but the professionalism, warmth, and courtesy remains optimum. Kiana's friendly disposition did a fantastic job cleaning my teeth. Her concern for my safety and comfort was reassuring especially with COVID 19. Dr. Alfredo Coloma's cheery outlook and genuine concern did an excellent review of the condition of my teeth. Over the years, he and the staff at HFD-Aiea has provided the excellent treatment to my dental needs. They are quick, efficient, and ensures that my safety and comfort are met. I am fortunate to have found HFD-Aiea way back when. I look forward to each and every visit knowing that I can rely on HFD-Aiea.

Sonja K. Avatar
Sonja K.
2/26/2021 - Google

Big shout out to Dr. Coloma and his team, they convince me to extract 2 rotten teeth, I kept them and wow it was bad. Big Mahalo Doc!!

Shayla K. Avatar
Shayla K.
1/16/2021 - Google

I went to get an exam, quick and easy and was able to find what was causing so much pain. The next day I had a choice to make, I chose to extract my teeth. Dr. Alfredo Coloma was awesome although I could have chose to save my teeth financially I was unable. Dr. Alfredo Coloma extracted my tooth in less then 15min and it was painless and fast! I love also how efficient staff is and friendly! One this they should off is to scam the wrist of patient because radiation to the head is a big deal. Other then that it was a awesome experience thank you Dr. Alfredo Coloma.

Christopher S. Avatar
Christopher S.
1/16/2021 - Google

Was in great pain after 2 teeth broke due to decay and another that was infected below the root. My insurance was accepted and check-in for my first appointment was a breeze. DDM. Coloma and his staff were great. Same day procedure to pull out all 3 bad teeth. Procedure was done with care and I am very happy with the outcome. Will be going back for future treatment and Dr. Coloma is one of the best dentist I ever had. 🙂

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