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Dr. Helena Mello



Dr. Helena Mello

Dr. Helena Mello has always been fascinated by dentistry. At eight years old, she was mesmerized by the materials and equipment in her dentist’s office during her visits. Then, growing up in São Paulo, Brazil, she found a love for science that would further fuel her passion for the profession. Now in her dream career, Dr. Mello finds another reason to love dentistry—taking care of her patients.

Aside from dentistry, Dr. Mello also loves everything about her home country, Brazil. She’s fluent in Portuguese and loves visiting family while on vacation.

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Dr. Helena Mello

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Patient Testimonials

Debbie M. Avatar
Debbie M.
7/31/2020 - Google

Dr. Ryzk takes really good care of me! I'm pretty needle phobic & she's been the best at that! I needed a crown replaced my last visit. When I went in to have the final crown put on she noticed that it was too thin & sent it back to be remade so it wouldn't crack! That attention to detail & care is very important to me. Thank you Dr. Ryzk!

Sueshine R. Avatar
Sueshine R.
7/23/2020 - Google

Dr. Hanks is the best on island without a doubt! Thank you for the great service, and for really catering the service to my daughter’s needs.

Megan O. Avatar
Megan O.
7/01/2020 - Google

I've been seeing the folks at Hawaii Family Dental for a year now, and I always have gotten careful and thoughtful patient care from their staff. They are genuinely concerned about my dental health, and they take the time to explain everything carefully. Definitely recommended!

paul b. Avatar
paul b.
5/21/2020 - Google

Very Pleased with Dr Helena Mellow, She is the only Dentist accepting Liberty Dental Insurance patients. When asked why? She stated ”When I first came into the profession, I wanted to make an commitment to give back... my pleasure/ happiness is giving back to the patients” Yes Dr Mellow you are comforting! I have much gratitude to you. With out you I would prolong or have much pain and as, result an unhealthy body. thank you SO MUCH! I'm grateful to you Dr Mellow...

Michael Avatar
12/23/2019 - Google

I see Dr. Park and she is amazing! By far my favorite dentist I've ever had on Maui in 8 years, and I have had some good ones. The office is brand new and state of the art. Children can even watch cartoons during their appointment. I think I will ask if I can too next time I see Dr. Park! 🤗😃

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