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Dr. Helena Mello



Dr. Helena Mello

Dr. Helena Mello has always been fascinated by dentistry. At eight years old, she was mesmerized by the materials and equipment in her dentist’s office during her visits. Then, growing up in São Paulo, Brazil, she found a love for science that would further fuel her passion for the profession. Now in her dream career, Dr. Mello finds another reason to love dentistry—taking care of her patients.

Aside from dentistry, Dr. Mello also loves everything about her home country, Brazil. She’s fluent in Portuguese and loves visiting family while on vacation.

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Patient Testimonials

ellen c. Avatar
ellen c.
6/16/2022 - Google

Best dental care that I have ever had. Proessional, courteous and (relatively) painless. I have already recommended Dr. Mello to friends.

magalli b. Avatar
magalli b.
5/30/2022 - Google

Had a cracked tooth, needed a crown. I chose Dr Mellow as my dentist.I was soooo nervous. Dr. Mello, as she's working on me, started singing with the background music. Her singing put me completely at thought was: "If she's singing, that means that she knows what she's doing and she is not nervous or worried at all". I was able to relax IMMEDIATELY! All the stuff is wonderful! Besides, I can eat again on that side!!

lucas o. Avatar
lucas o.
5/15/2022 - Google

Dr. Mello has been my dentist for almost two years now. She has been very professional, is always friendly, and has done a great job with my teeth and gum care. A filling come out that she put in 9 months ago and she was able to replace the filling within 5 days of it coming out. She even replaced it for no charge! Her office staff and assistants have all been kind, professional, and helpful. Thank you Dr. Mello and staff.

Florence P. Avatar
Florence P.
4/27/2022 - Google

Dr Mello is just wonderful! She listened and explained all my options and even called me several times just to see how I was doing after a couple of dental extractions. I am so glad I found an excellent dentist here in Maui. I would definitely recommend her. Her assistants are awesome as well. Christy, the dental hygienist, is also amazing. She is very caring and always made sure that I am not in any kind of pain as she went through the gentle cleaning process. Never had anyone like her. Lastly, Bobby. Oh, she's just a delight. She takes care of you like no other. Mahalo Bobby and thanks everyone at Hawaii Family Dental.

Susan M. Avatar
Susan M.
3/30/2022 - Google

Just had my first "crowning". I am 73 years old, so I understand it's unusual to not have had to have a crown before. I was not looking forward to it. (Of course). But I feel very good about the experience I had. It was truly painless, if weird. Dentist and her assistant were so kind and easy to be with. I wore my ear buds and listened to favorite Pandora radio station. Worked great. I recommend them highly.Since my first "crowning" -- very successful (as far as I can tell so far!) I had my first tooth removal, back lower molar. This was necessary because of gum recession that was starting to expose the root of that tooth. The good news was that I didn't have any pain yet. But as Dr. Mello explained it could "go south" at any time. Dr. Mello and her able and lovely assistant removed the tooth on Tuesday. Now 2 days later --- I just want you all to know I don't think I will miss it --- number one. And also very important to me -- I had no pain and no bleeding after the novocaine wore off and the I removed the pad I was clutching between my teeth (as instructed).As you can see from my posts here I have not had to deal with a lot of dental work so far in my 73 years. And in order to keep it that way I try to do whatever they tell me. I think Dr. Mello is great. Highly recommend!

ellen c. Avatar
ellen c.
3/02/2022 - Google

The staff is busy but very helpful. My dentist, Dr. Mello is excellent, knowlegdible and extremely pleasant. For a change, I look forward to my dental appointments!

Bernard F. Avatar
Bernard F.
1/19/2022 - Google

Dr Mello and her assistant Joshua did a fabulous job as usual with great skill and bedside manner.Thank you. Bernie Fierro

Florence P. Avatar
Florence P.
10/20/2021 - Google

Dr Mello is just wonderful! She listened and explained all my options and even called several times just to see how I am doing after a dental extraction. I am so glad to find an excellent dentist here in Maui. I would definitely recommend her.

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