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These amazing dental solutions are often overlooked

3 Amazing Dental Solutions We Often Overlook

These amazing dental solutions are often overlooked

The world is in no shortage of amazing dental innovations. Gone are the days where dentistry was torture. And of the literal kind—think of manually scraping tooth decay with a stone tool or undergoing operations without anesthesia. And while dental fear and anxiety are still very real, dentistry’s done an excellent job making the dental experience less traumatic than it used to be. Most of the time, however, we tend to overlook these amazing dental solutions that have brought us to where we are now.

In a way, some of the items on our list aren’t as mind-blowing as you’d expect them to be. For the most part, these “amazing dental feats” are in fact things we use on the daily, or things we’re acquainted with when we go to the dental office. But imagine for a minute what it’d be like without these things. Dental hygiene and care would be quite the nightmare—not to mention non-existent. 

That said, what are the amazing dental solutions that have changed dental care as we know it? The recognition goes to the following:

  1. Fluoridated toothpaste
    It’s a little funny to think of fluoride toothpaste as a dental innovation. Especially considering how there’s been a growing movement that lobbies against the use of fluoride—toothpaste or otherwise. However, when you consider the origins of toothpaste, it becomes a little easier to see. The toothpaste of old was your all-around tooth cleaner and was usually made of one abrasive material or another. And while it did do its job, for the most part, scrubbing off your teeth started becoming a problem as time went on. And as getting your teeth done became in fashion, it became clear that something needed to be done. 

    When fluoride was eventually introduced to toothpaste, it was a miracle for most. Finally, the need to go to the dentist lessened, and so did the tendency to get tooth decay. So while there is a debate about the effects of fluoride, it’s not hard to see how important it is.

  2. Anesthesia
    If you’re naturally anxious about going to the dentist or any medical profession, chances are you’ve had to undergo some heavy anesthesia. And because of that, chances are you don’t remember getting the operation done in the first place after. Indeed, anesthesia has probably saved a lot of people’s lives and sanity, whether on the dentist’s chair or the operating table. So when you can, be sure to thank your anesthesiologist—chances are they’ve not only kept you calm but also alive as well. 
  3. Laser therapy
    Unless you’re a special kind of person, chances are surgery isn’t your favorite thing to get. The traditional cut-and-sew method when it comes to dental operations isn’t exactly the best thing in the world, especially with the soreness and bleeding that comes after. Fortunately, the use of lasers in periodontal surgery is an amazing dental solution that’s slowly gaining popularity. And for a good reason, too—aside from being less bloody than its conventional counterpart, it also has the added bonus of helping your wounds heal faster. Sign us up, please!
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