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Low waste, no packaging toothpaste alternatives are excellent ways to reduce waste. And sustainable toothpaste tablets are one such option.

Sustainable Toothpaste Tablets

Low waste, no packaging toothpaste alternatives are excellent ways to reduce waste. And sustainable toothpaste tablets are one such option.

Convenience and care for the environment are two things that don’t seem to see eye-to-eye. Or do they? According to Bite, these two aims are entirely possible and are entirely likely to succeed together. Starting with sustainable toothpaste tablets, this company aims to provide eco-friendly oral care, particularly as environmental issues become more urgent.

According to Forbes, Bite began when founder Lindsay McCormick found a lack of convenient yet eco-friendly alternatives to traditional toothpaste. The idea of sustainable toothpaste tablets came to her while looking for options. After taking online chemistry courses and talking to various dentists, she eventually came up with the first Bite tablets. From an audience of friends and family, the business eventually boomed when a video on her creations turned viral.

For Bite, however, the idea of sustainable toothpaste tablets don’t stop at—well, the fact that they’re toothpaste tablets. While these low waste toothpaste alternatives are convenient and eco-friendly in themselves, Bite tries to go the extra mile by making all its processes reduce waste. Whether that means using vegan-friendly ingredients or shipping with paper instead of plastic, these no-packaging toothpaste tablets leave less of a carbon footprint than your conventional toothpaste does. 

But what does this mean for oral care as we know it? And why is this important?

A Mix of Convenience and Sustainability

In a way, Bite’s sustainable toothpaste tablets solve two pressing issues, of course, with one matter weightier than the other. 

Traveling with oral hygiene products is never the most comfortable thing, particularly if you need to get them past the TSA. And while other innovations have come to the fore—tiny toothbrushes, for instance, and smaller toothpaste tubes—there’s still the issue of messiness and carrying the right size of toothpaste on the airplane. 

Then, more obviously, there’s the problem of reducing waste. While other alternatives may provide a semblance of convenience, ultimately, they contribute to more landfill. And the more stuff that goes into the dump, the more trash we have with time.

Bite’s sustainable toothpaste tablets, then, manage to marry both function with an eco-friendly initiative. Because they’re solid, you won’t have to worry about carrying them past TSA screening. And they don’t cause much of a mess as compared to a toothpaste tube. 

But aside from spilling toothpaste all over your belongings, these low-waste toothpaste tablets also solve other pressing issues. Instead of adding more tiny toothpaste cases into the trash, they reduce waste by eliminating the need for the tube altogether. And they’re especially helpful when water is scarce. With a wet toothbrush in tow, one small tablet should suffice an entire brushing session. 

What Can Oral Hygiene Manufacturers Learn from Sustainable Toothpaste Tablets?

With toothpaste tablets proving to be a viable alternative to your typical wasteful toothpaste case, what can oral care manufacturers learn from this invention? For one, creating low waste, no-packaging toothpaste doesn’t have to be a chore. And this goes for consumers and manufacturers alike. For manufacturers, sometimes all it takes is a change in one part of the process, whether that’s the ingredients or packaging.

As for consumers, it’s really about finding the right product that suits your tastes. And, of course, rallying behind them. Support, after all, brings the best dental innovations to life. And if you’re looking for more eco-friendly alternatives to oral health, this might be the place to start.

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