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Is Fluoride Use Safe For Your Child?

According to the American Dental Association, parents must introduce fluoride toothpaste when brushing their baby’s teeth as soon as their infant’s teeth begin to erupt. Using fluoride sooner than later is critical.

This advice reverses the American Dental Association’s old recommendation to begin using a pea-sized amount when babies reach 2-years-old.

Once children reach the age of 3 to 6, the amount of fluoride toothpaste should be increased, according to the new guidelines.

In order to combat the increasing number of cavities in children, the Dental Association now recommends getting a jump-start.

The Threat of Fluorosis

The Association stresses only the tiniest amount of fluoride toothpaste is necessary to reduce the risk of white spots, mild discoloration, or streaking of the teeth. The latter symptoms are apart of a rare condition: fluorosis. Fluorosis arrises due to the overconsumption of fluoride toothpaste at a young age.

In addition, only a small amount of toothpaste is necessary considering some youngsters are apt to swallowing toothpaste.

As stated by the ADA, it is their objective to reduce the amount of fluoride consumption to reduce fluorosis risks.

The new ADA recommendation came after an intrinsic review of 17 studies in the Journal of the American Dental Association. This confirmed that fluoride is effective in preventing tooth decay. This research also brought to light the fact that fluoride should be used by all children regardless of age.

Since children with dental decay are more susceptible to cavities as adults, it’s possible to minimize a lifetime of disease. Introducing fluoride the right way is key.

Introducing Fluoride to Your Infant Safely

Apart from reducing the risks of dental problems, using fluoride early on can effectively reverse the need for frequent snacking.

However, recent labels on toothpastes inform parents of children below the age of 2 to consult a physician or a dentist. That said, reaching out to a dental professional to ensure your infant is ready for fluoride is critical.

These labels are intended to instruct parents to visit the dentist and also to make them aware that using fluoride toothpaste may be harmful to children if misused.

Bear in mind that the objective here is to let parents to always assist the children when brushing. Kids under the age of 2 commonly cannot brush thoroughly and properly. Thus, be watchful whenever your kids use fluoride toothpaste.

With the right caution, your infant will grow into a young child with healthy pearly whites. With the right teacher (you), your child can make way into adulthood with the knowledge they require for continuing good oral health.

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