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Can You Regrow Teeth? Apparently, You Can!

Goodbye dentures!

The modern dental world may have found a successful method to help patients replace their missing teeth. Fortunately, falsies are not one of them.

You could now have the opportunity to grow your own teeth in as little as 9 weeks.

This is a very fortunate discovery for those who find wearing dentures or getting implants to be problematic, expensive, or too high of maintenance.

At the Riken Centre for Developmental Biology in Japan, researchers found a way to extract cells in the mouth to help form teeth. Researchers split these cells, or “germs,” and implanted them into the jaws of mice to test whether or not new teeth would grow.

After approximately 15 days, the cells finally began to form into teeth. There’s a catch, though. The mice in the experiment only had teeth grow about half the size of their original teeth. However, this could possibly be useful in helping children with missing teeth or those who have underdeveloped teeth due to Down syndrome or cleft lip.

Considering there are millions of denture wearers worldwide, with over a million of those only 16 to 44 in age, this method of growing your own teeth could be very helpful in limiting the need for dentures.

In fact, by age 74, 26 percent of adults no longer have any of their permanent teeth. However, with this technology, it could greatly reduce the need for these artificial devices.

As for patients with one or a few lost teeth, because dental implants are typically implanted with a titanium screw, many dental patients find this to be a major concern for a few reasons. Some concern about the safety of this material. Others fear there will be significant pain during the procedure. But growing-your-own-teeth method being natural as you’re using your own body’s cells to regrow teeth, the body recognizes the newly-grown teeth and will not reject them like with many dental implant cases.

The Problem with Dental Implants for Many Patients:

  • They’re expensive.
  • Increases infections and sinus problems
  • Implants, being a foreign and unnatural device, the body often rejects them.
  • Nerve or gum damage is a potential risk during implantation.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Teeth:

  • Only takes 9 weeks
  • It’s natural.
  • The body won’t reject them
  • The procedure is simple.
  • No false teeth or appliances needed
  • Is a pain-free procedure
  • No maintenance, besides dental hygienic methods, once they grow
  • They’re permanent.

Where and When Can You Grow Your Own Teeth?

Because this is fairly new technology, there’s no say when dental patients can grow their own teeth. Further research and training is critical in the meantime. And just like with most products and services, stem cell teeth may be a sky-rocketing procedure when it is used on the public. So, for now, stick to your dentures or dental implants!

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