Honolulu Magazine’s 2017 Best Dentists Review

Hawaii Family Dental prides itself in providing the most comprehensive care and the most comfortable dental experience for the people of Hawaii.

For over 30 years, Hawaii Family Dental continues to be the most trusted and referred dental practice in Honolulu and statewide.

Our dentists were chosen and recommended by their peers as Honolulu Magazine’s Best Dentists in a 2017 survey conducted by the Professional Research Services, Inc. (PRS). PRS tapped more than 5,500 licensed general dentists, specialists, and referring physicians across seven geographical areas including Honolulu.

In 2017, six of our Honolulu dentists made it to the list: Alan Mitsunaga, Gerald Meredith, Jonathan Fu, Matthew Abraham, Weilin Bono, and Wendell Hoshino.

Getting To Know Honolulu’s Best Dentists

Dr. Alan Mitsunaga

Dr. Alan Mitsunaga has been part of the list since 2015. A general dentist, Dr. Mitsunaga joined Hawaii Family Dental since its first year in 1986. “Quality of care has always been Hawaii Family Dental’s primary goal,” he said.

“Hawaii Family Dental was developed to bring together a family of patients and their dentists,” added Dr. Mitsunaga who earned his dental education at the Creighton University School of Dentistry in 1984.

Dr. Gerald Meredith

Dr. Gerald Meredith has been a part of Hawaii Family Dental since 1997. As a periodontist, the “Best Dentist” awardee since 2014 enjoys improving the health and lives of his patients.

Dr. Meredith is a graduate of the University of Texas Health Science Center at the Houston School of Dentistry. In his free time, he loves outdoor activities like swimming, snowboarding, and fishing.

Dr. Jonathan Fu

A graduate of Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of the University of Southern California, Dr. Jonathan Fu has been working at Hawaii Family Dental as of 2014. For two consecutive years, Dr. Fu was recognized by Honolulu Magazine as one of Hawaii’s “Best Dentist”.

“I enjoy helping people save their teeth, so they can enjoy their food and have a great smile,” shared Dr. Fu, who specializes in Endodontics.

Dr. Matthew Abraham

Dr. Mathew Abraham enjoys golf, the ocean, and local dishes, however, probably not as much as his love of serving his community. The two-time “Best Dentist” awardee completed his dental education at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. As a dentist, he specializes in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Dr. Weilin Bono

“Rewarding” is how the 2017 Honolulu Magazine’s “Best Dentist” awardee, Dr. Weilin Bono describes being a dentist. “I enjoy what I do,” she added. Dr. Bono finished her dental education at Bauru School of Dentistry and joined Hawaii Family Dental in 2004. She is also fluent in Portuguese and Taiwanese.

Dr. Wendell Hoshino

Since 1996, Dr. Wendell Hoshino has been part of Hawaii Family Dental as one of our best orthodontists. He was Honolulu Magazine’s “Best Dentist” from 2013 to 2017.

“My goal is to help keep my patient’s teeth and smiles for life,” he said. When he is not busy improving people’s quality of life one smile at a time, Dr. Hoshino enjoys fishing, playing golf, and gardening.

Hawaii Family Dental has been home to more Honolulu magazine-recognized “Best Dentists” than any other dental practice for five consecutive years.

Ensure the health of your and your family’s teeth and gums under the dedicated and comprehensive care of Honolulu’s Best Dentists. In response, you can enjoy better oral health, and thus, greater overall health.

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