Dr. Jeremy Oakley

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Dr. Jeremy Oakley

Dr. Oakley’s dedication to his patients goes beyond the chairside routine. He is known for his gentle approach, meticulous attention to detail, and a genuine commitment to patient education.

Though dentistry is at the heart of his professional life, Dr. Oakley is equally passionate about spending time with his family, golfing and surfing.

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Our First Commercial!

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Why Choose

Dr. Jeremy Oakley

  • Specializes in placing, maintaining, and repair implants
  • Accepts most dental insurance
  • Offers convenient weekend appointments

Patient Testimonials

William D. Avatar
William D.
My appointment with Dr Oakley was very professional. As well, he explained everything he would be doing. His assistant was also very friendly and professional!
My only issue is/was, As I recall, Dr Oakley told me, I would see him a couple/few weeks. Which would have allowed my surgery to heal. And, allow Dr Adair to check the fit of my new dentures. However, when I received my upcoming appoint info with Dr Oakley, the date is in November vice, in a few weeks.

Thanks Doc!

Bill Durdin
Ray I. Avatar
Ray I.
I love coming here, Dr. Oakley is one of the finest dentists I have met in years.
Harry K. Avatar
Harry K.
Originally I went in for a new implant procedure this time, but after assessing a complication with the previous implant, Dr. Oakley changed the treatment plan and addressed the present problem impromptu. He and his staff were highly professional and efficient, which made me feel very confident throughout the whole treatment. Dr. Oakley even called me in the evening to find out how I was doing! That is an amazing bedside manner.The treatment result is very good so far: The problem has been taken care of and I am not experiencing any pain. My best compliment to Dr. Oakley and the staff.Harry Kim
Linda K. Avatar
Linda K.
Dr. Oakley and Sabrina make an incredible team. Excellent care and explanations about the treatment that can be understood! Mahalo!Had the third of three surgies and a wisdom tooth removed. Dr. Oakley and Hunter as assistant, were amazing in their skill and patient care. Sabrina assisted as always - what a great team! Thank you.
Noel T. Avatar
Noel T.
Dr. Oakley and Sabrina and Jeff are absolutely amazing!! They are truly fantastic with my son who has Down syndrome. I couldn't ask for better care for him. They are compassionate, caring, professional, gentle and kind. Hawaii Family Dental is an excellent office for the entire family. I highly recommend them!!

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