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pediatric dentist j.d. westphal

Dr. Joshua Westphal

Pediatric Dentist

Dr. Joshua Westphal

Dr. J.D. Westphal is passionate about pediatric dentistry. Though he was scared of dental visits as a child, the more he learned about dentistry, the more interested he became. Today, he channels those early childhood experiences to help his young patients feel more comfortable. When asked what’s the best part of his job, Dr. Westphal replied, “There is no better feeling than helping a child overcome their fear of having a procedure done in the dental chair.”

Dr. Westphal earned his dental degree at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He then completed his post-doctoral specialty training in pediatric dentistry at Virginia Commonwealth University. There, Dr. Westphal became skilled in pediatric medicine, sedation, anesthesia, and behavior management. He is also Board Certified.

Dr. Westphal is thrilled to be living on Oahu with his wife Ashley and three boys. He enjoys spending time outdoors and loves mountain biking and hiking. In addition to balancing a full family and professional life, Dr. Westphal makes time to give back to the community. His Spanish-speaking skills helped him provide care during several dental mission trips to Mexico and Honduras. He remains active as a dental volunteer for Mission of Mercy, Give Kids a Smile Day, and the Veterans of War dental clinic.

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