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Save with Discount Dental Plans

Visiting the dentist twice a year for routine checkups can catch and prevent problems from becoming painful and expensive. However, nearly 50% of Hawaii residents don’t have dental insurance. Enter Discount Dental plans.

Luckily, many discount dental plans today greatly help patients obtain the care they require without the need to spend lavishly.

Hawaii Family Dental and a few other local dentists offer discount dental plans. Discount dental plans let you see the same dentists at Hawaii Family Dental that you would normally see and save 40% to 60% on most procedures. More people are purchasing discount dental plans because they offer more flexibility than dental insurance. Consider, our discount dental plan has no waiting periods (you can use the plan the day you sign-up), no exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and has no annual limit or deductibles.

How are Dental Discount Plans Different than Insurance?

Discount dental plans are like memberships at Sam’s Club or Costco. You pay a flat, annual fee and in exchange, receive huge discounts on dental procedures with Hawaii Family Dental.

Everyone can join, regardless if you have pre-existing dental conditions. Even cosmetic procedures that some regular dental insurances don’t cover, like veneers, are included.  Many consider discount dental plans because they are easy join, don’t require a lot of paperwork, and are straight-forward.

Are there Hidden Fees?

No. You can view the savings, view additional benefits, and sign-up on our discount dental plan website,

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