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5 Songs To Sing For Your Kid’s Good Oral Health

Getting your child to brush his or her teeth can be a challenging task. In fact, when it comes to brushing, some children are hard to train. After all, many children have short attention spans.

But of course, as well all know, brushing the teeth is absolutely critical. Without the simple act of brushing and flossing, cavities, decay, halitosis, gum disease, and other issues may arise as a result. Getting your child into the act of good oral hygiene all begins with how you introduce it.

Luckily, there are ways you can make tooth-brushing enticing for your kid. Music, especially nursery rhymes, can play a pivotal role in encouraging your child to brush properly.

Through dental-inspired activities, it becomes easier and funner for parents to set up proper oral habits in children. Indeed, these can also help kids understand why it is quite valuable to take better care of their teeth. Additionally, many tunes can explain to children how and why to keep their teeth in top-notch condition.

Needless to say, when children hear a fun song, it will be easier for them to fall in love with the act of brushing their teeth. That said, consider singing your child’s favorite nursery rhyme and alter the lyrics to make it related to tooth-brushing.

The following songs are great choices to sing to or with your children as they brush their pearly whites:

“This is the Way We Brush Our Teeth:”


This is the way we brush our teeth
Brush our teeth, brush our teeth
This is the way we brush our teeth

We do it in the morning!

Brushing up and brushing down
Left and right and round and round
A nice white smile will then be found!
We’ve brushed really well!

Repeat chorus

We do it in the evening!

Brushing left and brushing right
Brushing ’til our teeth are bright!
Then we say [yawn] “good night!”
We’ve brushed really well!

Repeat chorus

We do it twice a day!

If “This is the Way We Brush Our Teeth” does not work your kid, there are other catchy tunes you can use to make brush time more fun. These include “Brush Your Teeth,” “Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth,” “Brushing Song”, and “The Toothbrush Song.” So, don’t just stop at one song; introduce several tooth-friendly songs to your little one!

“Brush Your Teeth” by the StoryBots

Up, down, front and behind
Brush ’em all around, ’til they sparkle and shine
‘Cause cavities are meanies, and meanies don’t belong in your mouth!

So everybody do the chh-chh-chh-chh, chh, chh
Like your dentist taught ya, go chh-chh-chh-chh, chh, chh

If you like to nibble, gnaw, bite
Munch and crunch
If you like chewin & chompin’, and chowin’ down lunch
Then don’t brush like you’re in a rush
Scrub ’em every which way!

So everybody do the chh-chh-chh-chh, chh, chh
Now all together, do the chh-chh-chh-chh, chh, chh

And when you open your mouth to speak
You don’t want your breath smelling like rhinoceros feet!
So ya better brush up on your brushin’!

Everybody do the chh-chh-chh-chh, chh, chh
Like your dentist taught ya, go chh-chh-chh-chh, chh, chh
Come on people, do the chh-chh-chh-chh, chh, chh
Go brush your teeth!

“Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth” by the Ultra Kids Zone

Brush, brush, brush your teeth

Brush it every day

Father, mother, brother, sister

Repeat chorus

“Brushing Song” by the Videogyan 3D Rhymes

I get up in the morning
and go to brush my teeth
I take the brush, drop the paste
And go round and round

Round and round, round and round
up and down n up and down (x2)

Brushing keeps our teeth
Healthy and clean
Every morning every night
I brush my teeth to make it bright

“The Toothbrush Song” by Andrew Huang

Oh, we’re gonna brush our teeth (x3)
Hey hey, hey hey

Oh, we’re gonna brush our teeth (you gotta brush ’em) (x3)
Hey hey, hey hey (you gotta brush ’em)

The brightness of your pearly whites is priceless
It’s righteous, you don’t want that gingivitis
I might just brush twice or thrice, I like this
I need fresh breath to be rocking a mic with
My philosophy’s to floss my teeth properly
Then pop this wee toothpaste cap off
You gotta squeeze more than just a drop on these bristles
Put the brush under the tap, give it a drizzle

And then we’re brushing ’round and ’round

We’re brushing side to side
We’re brushing up and down
Open your mouth up wide
We’re brushing: front to back. back to front. tooth by tooth
Until we get every one

Oh, we’re gonna brush our teeth (x3)
Hey hey, hey hey

Oh, we’re gonna brush our teeth (you gotta brush ’em) (x3)
Hey hey, hey hey (you gotta brush ’em)

Now when you’re brushing your teeth
Don’t be too rough on your gums
And try to always remember
You should be brushing your tongue

From the front to the back
Attacking the plaque on your teeth
‘Cause if your chiclets went and fell out
Well then how would you eat?
To keep your breath smelling fresh and your teeth real strong
You only need to brush for about the length of this song
So once in the morning and once at night, let’s sing it
Hold on, my mouth’s got so much toothpaste in it!

Repeat chorus

Oh, we’re gonna brush our teeth (x3)
Hey hey, hey hey

Oh, we’re gonna brush our teeth (you gotta brush ’em) (x3)
Hey hey

Bear in mind that nursery rhymes can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere as these are portable. However, they are most applicable for children getting ready for bed, during bath time, or first thing in the morning. Although, you may even wish to play tooth-friendly tunes on the way to daycare, preschool, or school.

Here are some more tips on how to tame your toddler when brushing:

  • Use a show-and-tell approach when teaching your child how to brush the teeth properly.
  • Offer your child a reward every time they remember to brush their teeth and do a job well done.
  • Make brushing and flossing as much fun as you can to inhibit unpleasant associations with oral hygiene.
  • Motivate your child to practice brushing under your gentle supervision. As a result, they will develop a proper oral hygiene routine.

All in all, it is your duty as the parent to help guide your youngsters as they learn to brush their teeth. Thus, introduce the act of brushing as soon as you can. Additionally, make sure to help your child make fun, positive associations with caring for their oral health. Your kid will be caring for their own teeth in no time and enjoying it every step of the way; thus, you can expect your little one to have healthier teeth as long as possible!

Date Published: July 27, 2015

Last Updated: March 8, 2019


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