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Dr. Coleen Sullivan

Dental Education

University of the Pacific, School of Dentistry

What would you like patients to know about you?

Dr. Coleen Sullivan began her career as a dental assistant before becoming a hygienist, then dentist. Her passion for learning and making a difference in patients’ lives inspired her to pursue an education in dentistry. Her favorite part of her job is the opportunity to work with children and help them develop healthy habits for life.

A fan of long-distance running, Dr. Sullivan has completed four full marathons and 18 half marathons. Her current goal is to run a half marathon on each island—Kauai and Oahu are done, and Maui is next. Dr. Sullivan also enjoys spending time with her dog, snorkeling, and traveling.

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Why Choose

Dr. Sullivan

  • Trusted by over 262 families
  • Sees children up to 13 years old
  • Accepting new patients

Patient Testimonials

Scott D. Avatar
Scott D.
2024: again great service from Dr Sullivan staff. Thank you Dr. Sullivan is the best dentist I've ever known. Loves his work, tries to save me money. I can't believe I had to travel all over the west coast (mainland) for 50 years before I found someone I could trust in a little town like Kona! 2022 update: He continues to inspire confidence and trust. I never feel like he is treating me like a cash cow, but rather like a person with needs and not unlimited resources. In other words, he treats patients with kindness and respect, which is the best show of Aloha, I guess. I will be sad if he moves away. Thank you Dr. Sullivan.
Paris D. Avatar
Paris D.
The Kona team is wonderful, feels more like seeing friends vs visiting the drs office. Ive been a patient with hawaii family dental for many years. Shout out to Chloe and lennie.
Tia Y. Avatar
Tia Y.
Dr Seka and the staff in the Kona office are always so kind and make our experiences enjoyable.
Rebecca W. Avatar
Rebecca W.
I am very impressed with the quality of care and level of experience provided to me and my son with Dr Seika and staff. Everyone is professional and ready to assist the Dr anyway they can. I understand how hard it must be working in pediatrics but everyone’s attitude and work ethics made me feel comfortable and at ease. They listened to my concerns regarding anesthesia and they also provided me with tools & techniques to improve my son’s at home care routine. While I had the option of taking my son to Dr Matt, a private dentist in Kona, I would much rather keep my son with Dr Seika because I know my son is well taken care of. Even though he is one years old and didn’t like anyone in his mouth he sat up and high-fived Dr Seika after it was all over. Truly impressed with my experience here. We will stay with Dr Seika as long as she’s in practice at HFD, mahalo!
- R Wierzgac
Jill M. Avatar
Jill M.
My latest experience at Hawaii Family Dental - Kona; I was sad to hear that my favorite dentist Dr. Adair was not with them any more… The new dentist found some huge job to do from looking at my X-rays… removing an older crown and it didn’t sound very promising 🙀 He told me it might end up with an implant!!!
James S. Avatar
James S.
At Hawaii Family Dental Kailua Kona I had my teeth cleaned by Sabryna. She did a wonderful job, pleasant, knowledgeable, and the best hygienist I have encountered in a long time. I will miss having her at my next scheduled cleaning as she will be on maternity leave, but both my wife and I will requesting her after her return!
Harry Z. Avatar
Harry Z.
My experience at Hawaii Family Dental-Kona was exceptional. My cleaning with Sabrina the hygenist was the most efficient, professional and thorough cleaning I've ever had. And she is so friendly and positive, it's a pleasure to have my teeth cleaned at Hawaii Family Dental. And Dr. Adair, my dentist is also very professional, friendly and the best dentist ever. Thank you Hawaii Family Dental-Kona.
Steve F. Avatar
Steve F.
I have been a patient of Hawaii Family Dental in Kailua-Kona for a number of years, and their staff have always been pleasant, accommodating and professional. My current hygienist Jeffrey is very good. Gentle touch and a nice guy!
I recommend him & their office as well.

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